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I am 12 weeks one day today. My energy feels back today. I can actually get stuff done and no longer feel sick. So hopefully it will stay this way!!!
I know lots of people here(myself included) aren't too fond of ultrasounds, however this will be my 4th c-section(my body doesn't really make labor happen) and they are needed. So I have been having 29 day cycles-around there- since giving up soy years ago. I put myself at about a Jan 9th due date, but my new doc and nurse want to put me at Jan 11th, despite my calculation and an ultrasound which put me at the 7th. I know it;s petty, but I would prefer the earlier one-...
that is sort of insulting. My MIL called me a dirigible my FIRST pregnancy. She seems to know better these past 3 times to keep it to herself!
awesome!!!!Now you can brag about how you knew it all along Don't you just love that?
Well given the number of kids you are responsible for, I can totally see how you would feel tired. But I know that doesn't help I think we glaze it all over romantically and only remember the good parts really strong. I know that seeing my babies new face and holding him/her will make all that go away and I may even consider doing it again
I swear I feel movement already!It's fun
I have
wow, I was offline for a while and what a great conversation took place I crave milk lately. And I don't get restless legs. Unless I eat sugar.
Quote: Originally Posted by lanamommyphd07 no vitamins here, but I did get quite a hankering half way through for spinach. bags and bags. I think I ate a few pounds a week for a while, but I figured that was the body saying "order up! folic acid please"! creamed spinach has been on my plate lately. It seems to satisfy. I've been putting it on everything!Potatoes, eggs, toast...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsNature Leilalu - I am very impressed with your knowledge of real nutrition- which is woefully inadequate among most Americans. (But there are corporate/political reasons for this ... which would take a whole other thread to explain.) IMHO, one could not rely upon better information sources than Adelle Davis or the Weston A. Price Foundation (www.westonaprice.org) for TRUTHFUL information on how to maintain glowing good...
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