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Strongly suggest you all watch The Lost Adventures of Childhood documentary... http://vimeo.com/36303926 can't recommend this documentary enough for making you think about it all.
I just saw they posted this and I just posted it on facebook. Amazing idea! http://mattyangel.com/2012/02/24/the-enjoy-life-initiative
That's what I got also, she's using her to take what sounds like, a rather difficult child to have all the time.
Sigh wet beds are no fun way to wake up at 4am lol   This I agree with. Happiness is so important. If that means being an artist and not being paid much but being happy, then I am happy with that. If it means trying to be a writer but failing for 10 years before being noticed, then sure... as long as they are happy and surviving ok. As long as safety and happiness are met, and they can survive in the world fine. Then I am happy to support them in whatever they choose.
I agree, but children become adults, and I don't think its my place to decide or tell them what to do with the rest of their long life. That's why I said I don't believe its my place to tell an adult what to do with their lives, I may guide them towards helping them find out or figure out what they wish to do... but once they hit 18 I no longer tell my children what they should be doing, or should not be doing. As long as its not illegal I try not to but in... I do warn...
There is a difference though between conversations and role play for children.
Weh ave a student loan thing here to, money borrowed that one day has to be paid back to help with rent and books, but its not really much       I would never tell my children they have to go to university, it is their life to live and I just don't believe that its my job to tell another adult what they should do with their lives. I do help and encourage them with what they are good at and try to guide them. I think the whole "You need to make a decision about your life...
Hey mumof3tobe,    I saw this a few days ago and I knew there was a reason I couldn't shake it from my head. I was wondering if partly why this boy bullies is because he isn't sure how to join in the games because playing with others doesn't come easily to him, there's no instructions?    Would something like this help with him being able to join...
I figured it out!!! I keep thinking about this cause I thought this would be a kind of game that would include that 6 year old in that thread about bullying, and maybe allow him to join in. CLICK. I knew there was a reason I was posting this. Now to go post a link to here, in there.
Oh wow I never thought about this till you mentioned it, you could really stress or make a child paranoid if that's what they constantly hear.
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