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I don't think any of it sounds too harsh.
Ashley, have you discovered the San Antonio Natural Parenting website? very useful info there, and I would recommend friending them on FB and subsequently joining the SANP discussion group--loads of info in the discussion group! The docs and midwives at Lone Star ob/gyn generally come highly recommended. Pedis...depends on what part of town. A lot of moms see Family Practioners instead. PCP, I've heard good things abt Dr. Earp and Dr. Nguyen.
Yes, he sounds spirited! I have one, too. Never a dull moment.
I can relate. My almost 5 yr old son is very similar, and I have also tried a variety of things. One thing you may want to try is stay listening. It is like a time-in with her so she can get those big feelings out, process them and move on. Dr. Laura Markham (who is an "expert" on this website's q&a) has some great info on her website, ahaparenting.com. Also, I recently read a blog post that.Resonated with me and deals with something similar:...
Since you mentioned not having spoken to the other mom about it, I would encourage you to talk to her about her daughter's behavior. From what you describe, her behavior sounds within the relm of norrmal but know it can be difficult to deal with if your child is more mellow and/or compliant. Fwiw, I have a son who can be quite challenging. Anyway, not addressing it with the mom and brainstorming ideas together to help both you and her daughter cope could lead to...
I would check Craigslist. I usually see tons of bikes listed for kids
I would definitely friend the San Antonio Natural Parenting (SANP) group. There is a wealth of info you can search and ask questions. We live in the far NE area outside the city limits, but I also love New Braunfels. It has a nice small town vibe with a wonderful park (Landa Park) and nice children's museum. Couldn't tell you abt a neuro or OT, but there are a few docs that will take non or delayed vax pts. Some are listed on the SANP website or you can ask the group on...
I can relate. I also have a challenging 4 1/2 year old son. He is often quite difficult (and has been since an infant, he has a very strong willed and moody temperament and is incredibly active), but he also gets into those "hyper/silly" phases a lot, too (especially when he is tired--he goes bonkers...or he will often get that way with like-minded peers). He can be really awesome or really draining, lol. Love that little guy so much, but man can he push my buttons! He...
Discipline for Life by Madelyn Swift. We actually watched her DVD series at my son's preschool and I loved it. The book is a bit pricey on Amazon (hardcover), but it can be purchased for much less on half.com. She is also not an advocate for punishment/rewards, and I found her info very matter of fact, palatable and sensible.
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