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Sometimes I have done them, sometimes not.  Sometimes a child asks, and I tell them that we don't have goody bags but we hope they will take home the good memories we made today.  Sounds corny, but it's an honest and polite answer to an innocently impolite question.   I have seen balloons given out as children leave, which I think is a neat idea since the bunch of balloons doubles as a decoration for the party.  You could get them at the dollar store, but for 20...
The Birth Boutique in Denville has cloth diapers.  They also have classes you can take.
Hi!  The Lakeland Hills YMCA in Mountain Lakes has an excellent program, but you do have to join the YMCA.  My neighbor mentioned a program at one of the hotels in Morristown, but I can't remember the info right now....maybe someone else will mention it.  
Well said, Angela, "too chicken to go with an ob again."  I totally agree!  I wish I had also entertained the possibility of a midwife with my first pregnancy.  My friend was using one and at the time I had the hippy lady image in my mind.  My husband was also skeptical.  We were both sooooo happy this second time around with our midwife. 
A midwife is the answer!  My top recommendation goes to Marla Scott in Denville, associated with Comprehensive Women's Health Care.  She delivers at Saint Clares and works with two docs who back her up if needed (like an emergency c-section).  The doctors she works with are great and very supportive of her.   I used an ob-gyn for my first birth, and then a midwife for my second.  I cannot tell you the difference it made!  Go with a midwife :)
I loved Marla Scott in Denville, delivers at Saint Clare's.  PM me for more info if you want.  Good luck!
Howeberry, I love Muriel Hepner Park!  Please keep me in the loop too, that is if I'm not too old to participate   ha ha  I have a 5 year old and a 10 month old. I would love to chat with you about sleeping, etc, and will definitely not give you any funny looks :) Just want to let you know too that I have been running a free group on Wednesday mornings in Boonton at The Light on Main storefront at 10 A.M.  We are finishing up this month for a break this summer but...
Well, the town of Montclair (used to live there) is a very diverse and accepting community, but I'm not sure how the housing costs would fit into your budget.  Moving westward, housing costs would tend to be less I would guess.....I live out in Morris County, and the priest of my church is actually in a two mom family as well, so we are accepting out here too!  PM me if you want more info :)  Good luck!
Have you lookedi into Montessori schools?  I looked at one near me and it was impressive:  The Mustard Seed in Boonton Township.  I have found that true Montessori schools are not cheap though!  I'm sure there are plenty of options closer to you.  Good luck
First of all, congratulations!  There is a student doula on these forums, MamaSerio, who lives near you.  If you decide to go with a professional doula, I hear that Kelli DeFlora is awesome.
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