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Our families know our stance on this so they have two choices. 1) Consult with us on what they want to give and we'll try to work with them 2) Know that anything the do give that doesn't fit our lifestyle is up for going in the donation box Since they know we are serious they've been much more willing to work with us. My parents thought of a few ideas for D's"s birthday and we picked one we liked/were planning on getting anyways. The in laws came for Christmas with a car...
Does anyone have any recommendations for websites, groups, blogs, magazines, etc that focus on being an active family. I'm not looking for weight loss or schedued runs for me or such, but more inspiration for doing sporty stuff with kids. We're biking, hiking, skiing, kayaking types and I know we're not the only ones, but this is my first kid and I'm having a hard time finding like minding people or inspiration.
Hopefully you've gotten back good numbers by now, but here's my experience. I spotted lightly for about a week then at 6w5 I had sudden massive pain from the tube rupturing. Similar story to 1stbabysmom but my pain was localized to the right side where the tube ruptured.. I didn't have any noticeable pregnancy symptoms but I didn't have any symptoms with DS either.
Congrats Tickle!!! I saw your numbers doubled on the ttc board, that's great! I'm so hopeful for you!
Well we just got our power back a couple of days ago so we missed out on the actual Halloween fun this year (although showering at the high school and waiting in line for food and water is kind of twilight zone...) But I loved seeing everyone's seriously cute babies!!!
Hi guys! Seems like winter colds are going around early for the babes! Living sky One of Brody's top teeth came in a few weeks ago and it was a nightmare! The second one is trying to come out now and it's just as bad.   I'm just dropping in with a Halloween Brody pic because he's ridiculously cute! Any one else got Halloween plans?
We have the same rugs in our large living room, but they don't have any pattern (just jute rugs) . In our family room we have a large patterned rug with a smaller identical one. The rugs are for warmth on our hardwoods are not meant to be focal points in our house so I like keeping them the same.
I've had this problem with DHs linens as well, it does seem like bacteria excess. Every now and then I'll use Biokleen's Bac Out (same one I use for smelly diapers) on his clothes and it makes them good as new.
We do the three gifts and really like how nice Christmas is now. We don't do Santa, we only exchange presents between Dh, Ds, and myself, and anything in a stocking has too be edible. We specifically do not do large presents for holidays because I feel like that gets harder and harder as kids age (just like you mentioned classmates getting large presents) and feeds the consumptionist attitude. Christmas for us is focused on being a calm, peaceful time. Both Dh and I came...
It sounds like you're doing pretty good given the size of your place. We just constantly reevaluate our stuff. It's so much easier to get rid of things now. We only have one child, but we keep the toys in a zippered beach bag that way it's easy to pack the toys up and toss them in a closet out of the way.
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