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I am so very sorry. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts.
Livingsky: Seriously how cute is Kayden!!! I can't believe he's doing so much, Brody only discovered toys a couple of weeks ago and still can't even grab them.   Here's my picture spam! Brody's still to little to do much so he'll have to rely on his cuteness .    
I'm here too. Baby B born 1/29!   Birdie: I've heard that lots of hair loss is normal. Did your hair grow alot during pregnancy, I've heard it basically goes back to pre-pregnancy levels.   We've been trying to decided about ttc too. Part of me wants to have another soon (especially since we don't know how easy that will be with the one tube) but part of me feels guilty, like Brody won't be getting my full attention for as long as he should.
Congrats Rosie!!!! Welcome Odin!!!
Ds is the same. He will be all happy then start hiccuping and bam he's crying. Once the hiccups go away he calm down. I personally feel that hiccups are very uncomfortable, so I'm not surprised. Sometimes I'll give him a little gripe water to try and help, but it only works about 50% of the time.
I'm up for a picture fest too!     CONGRATS CATHELINI!!! So glad to see you made it over here!    
 I know, it's flying by! Brody's outgrown his newborn clothes and I got a little emotional putting them away. My first choice is pork shoulder, but I'll use anything on sale and most cuts turn out great in the crock pot. I don't have a real tuna recipe. I mix in the tuna then milk or cream and add seasoning till I like it.
Brody's doing good and growing so fast! I'm sure you've seen huge changes in L. I make my soups from scratch in big batches and then freeze them. That way I can just defrost what I need and leave some in the fridge to eat as I want.   My favorite crock-pot foods are: pulled pork that we use for BBQ or quesadillas, cooking a whole chicken in there, then the meat just falls off the bone and I use it for whatever (it's like those precooked, prepackaged chicken pieces at the...
Birdie! I've been having the same problem since the new babe arrived and I ran out of my freezer food. I pretty much have some type of soup for lunch everyday, w/ baby interruptions this is the easiest way to make sure I eat something so I don't end up eating a loaf of bread later in the day.   For snacks I've been eating nuts since they're quick to grab and really give me a little protein pick me up. Second the trail mix type things; you can add something salty or...
I'm down 6 lbs to 144, not too shabby.
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