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Quote: I was coming on to post a similar question. Does anyone have tips for eating w/ baby at home? Eating out we try to make everything perfect, I usually nurse Brody right before we go in to eat. Then he'll either sit in my lap or sit up watching in his stroller, but we can only make it 45min to a hour. He's interested in stuff when we go out, but at home he doesn't want to sit so we can eat.    
Congrats on your BFP Adaline'smom! Wishing you and your family all the best.
We're a little bit of slackers here. I talk a lot so ds talks a lot which I guess is good. We never did much tummy time and now he immediately rolls over to his back so not much point. We have one board book we read and sometimes I read whatever miscellaneous catalogue comes in the mail. Then we discuss it (like why pottery barn is obviously sexists since the boy stuff takes up like two pages) which I guess goes back to talking.   Mostly we do sensory experiences....
So I'm going to answer from the point of view of an adult who grew up in similar situation. Parents split when I was 18 months and dad was never that involved with the parenting. Dad did work and paid child support, but he had other character flaws. That being said, I really enjoyed the time I spent with my dad. It's hard to see the value in an X, especially when they aren't super involved in the raising of a child. I can see from my mom's perspective that our...
Yippiehip: Thanks for the bf encouragement. The closest LLL meeting is 40 minutes away so I don't make those, but I have an LC at my family doctor who's been very supportive. The best guess is that my supply dropped down when ds started going longer b/t feedings. He still doesn't eat much more so my body seems to think that I don't need as much. We're Ecing too, just part time. Mostly we're working on cueing him now. We've been catching a good deal and I'm really glad...
Now that the babe, dog, and DH have been put to bed I have time to update. So the trauma from the nightmarish first 2 months is starting to fade.......Really not a pleasant time at all, I remember telling DH that they could take the Happiest Baby on the Block book and shove it and then I threw a sponge across the room.   We're doing much better now, ds really has a great little personality and is all smiles most of the time. He sleeps great at night and just...
CA country Girl: Adventures in mommyhood has been a major adjustment, but we're all happy and healthy and not too sleep deprived! Good luck with the birth of dd2 and be sure to come on over and join us at http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1350030/bajingo-babies-mommies-spring-2012   Yay Pitch for a healthy gummy bear! hope the ms takes it easy on you.   Good luck on your test Boots!   and yay Bel babies will be here soon!
Yeah, I'm not creative enough to help you out on the picture suggestion, Parsley
Quote: Oh no way. Man I would have had to back slap someone! Good luck on your glucose test Boots. I got a little whoozy during mine and I went to the bathroom and took a few illegal drinks of water.     I totally wanted a boy, but these adorable girl nursery picks are making me a teeny bit jealous!       Yay more babies soon!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd consider myself a successful mother if my children grow up and actually enjoy spending time with me and DH as adults!   I think this reflects better how the kids would feel towards me which is the best measure of success (for me at least).
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