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I also think the shorter you keep the talking, the better. I like Karp's Happiest Toddler on the Block "cave man" talk: instead of "No balls on the floor, please," go with "Balls on the table! ALL balls on the table! Here, now!" I think we often sound like Peanuts teachers blah-blah-blah to toddlers, and the more we cut to the chase the better.
We have a Skuut but it's just a touch big for my son- he can only touch on tiptoe. He loves it though and asks us to push him around on it!
Movies and cartoons from the other culture would be fun, and if your daughter is old enough, what about a penpal?
I wanted to post a link to a US site called Mantra Lingua that has books and materials in some really rare minority languages: https://www.mantralingua.com/usa/home.php I have a few of their books in Russian and they're quite good quality. 
We don't have a bathtub, we have only a walk-in shower, so my son is used to water on his head! I just use the California Baby wash on washcloth and try to suds him up quickly- he doesn't like it- and then I let it rinse as he sits under the water.
For me, it's important to know ahead of time what I'm willing to give. My husband will sometimes be suckered into playing the game where our 24 month old son calls out things he would like instead (cheerios, mango, yogurt, etc.) and he will then refuse them all after they're on his plate. The waste annoys me, so I decide ahead of time- I put what we're having on his tray and think, "if he won't touch it, he can have cheese or a cracker with hummus," which I know he...
I have long wanted to check out Kokua and I know they have discounts for working there as part of the co-op but they are super inconveniently located for me! Try some of the CSAs too, like Just Add Water, plus egg farms like K & K in Waimanalo for good prices and fresh foods.
I agree with the above. We've been here two years and lived paycheck to paycheck on what would be plenty back in Chicago... and that's with one car and a 700 sq ft condo rental. There are massive tradeoffs for the great weather, and one is cost of living. 
I went into my college education knowing what I was interested in and with a goal to minimize costs, so I went to my state university and finished in three years instead of four by going in the summer and taking 18 credits every semester, and came out of it with no loans thanks to a Pell grant and scholarships. My friends were busy having "the experience" and went away to private colleges and ended up with big loans for degrees some didn't even finish. I'm not sorry I...
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when I job hunted to move to Chicago from DC, I didn't start getting interviews until I had a local address and phone number. My husband ended up going out and getting an apartment (we moved for his grad school) and I finally started to get interviews when I started using my Chicago address on my resume. Do you know anyone in Seattle with a local address you could "borrow" for the resume? I obviously left my real location and job...
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