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I checked out What to Expect from the library and haaaated it, so I ended up with the Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy. It is neutral on birth centers, midwives, etc. but most of all, it doesn't dumb down explanations and isn't condescending the way WtE seems to me. I also read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth but thought the beginning with all the birth stories could have been edited to be a little shorter- they got repetitive after a while.
I also declined my 28 week Rhogam, with the understanding that I'll take it immediately following the birth (my husband is Rh positive, as are his parents and my mom, so remembering the high school Punnett square, the baby is too!) The risks of developing antibodies- being sensitized- is actually kind of low, around 2%, if you have a vaginal birth with no trauma during pregnancy. One post birth Rhogam shot cuts the rates in half too. Some of the Rhogam preparations still...
I'm also new and also in Chicago (well, Oak Park.) Nice to meet everyone! I am 34 weeks and wow, is it humid here right now!
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