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I live in a weird area where in-home and home care is pretty cheap, and daycare centers are quite expensive, with long waiting lists. That's because there's a large labor pool for Hawaii, I guess. Anyway, the difference between the cost of an in-home nanny and a center was about $100, and the centers have very strict drop off and pick up times, and we work flexible schedules. So I have a nanny. I still pay just a hair less than half my salary, but it's worth it not to...
Look for a Stroller Strides program- it was a lifesaver for me when I wasn't working. Now I make myself get up and go to this bootcamp thing before my husband leaves for work. It sucks but it's only 30 minutes and it's HARD CORE- I feel better the rest of the day! I also had this DVD called "Pilates in 10 minutes A Day" with Lara that was great for exercising during naps. 
I agree with all the previous posters who say "depends on the kid." For the way you've described it, I'd start slow and open up one of the places you haven't let them into, and then do the diligence of telling them no and "no touching" on everything they're not allowed to touch for as long as it takes for it to lose its charm in that area. Then move to the next! We have a small place but there are some non- negotiables that were super hard to baby proof- we have a screen...
Well, I washed my prefolds in cold water for a while before they built up a stink when my son was small, like under a year and mostly on breastmilk. I would NOT wash toddler-real-food poop diapers in cold. I think you could try washing in cold and every two weeks or so just boil for a couple minutes on the stove or do a vinegar soak. I am not a germaphobe, though- the only reason I wash on hot is to kill stink. 
Yeah, we're supposed to be flossing them as soon as they have two that touch. I was so depressed to find that out! But there are some horror stories on here (and other sites) about early cavities, so I'm committed to doing it. I'm really looking for recommendations for the supply-your-own floss tools like you linked about. The reviews of that one call it "big and sturdy" which I think might not be good for a small mouth. Anyone use any like those that work well?
I've been trying to floss my almost two year old's teeth and I keep hearing how great those little individual floss pics are, but I HATE the idea of throwing away that much plastic! Anyone have a good alternative to trying to use regular floss and fingers (and getting bitten from time to time) or single use, plastic disposable floss pics? 
I live in Kailua and can tell you that yes, it's expensive, ha ha! For green-minded communities, you're mostly looking at North Shore, but it's a long commute if you're working in town. Kaimuki is the most "alternative" part of Honolulu, in terms of coffee shops and funky restaurants, but I wouldn't describe it as family friendly. The rent is cheaper than Kailua, but I think the quality of life for kids is better out here. If you think about the savings from having only...
Have you thought about restoring the crib with a crib tent if you're just not ready to deal with the climbing out? My son, who's the same age, still sleeps in a sleep sack, which seems to impede the climbing and we are a LONG WAY from a big boy bed. If I were pregnant, I absolutely would want to delay this process!
I agree- the wake up time seems to usually remain consistent, and the bed time is what you can vary. My 23 month old goes to bed at 6 pm (I know!) but he sleeps til 7 am, so I'm not gonna question it. 
I agree with the PP who said that infancy was a dark time she doesn't wish to revisit. I have a 23 month old son and I can't imagine starting over and feeling like I did again when he was a baby. We joke that I'd consider a second if they could be born two years old, but I'm not interested in spending money to adopt and those born the regular way... come out as newborns. 
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