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When we lived in Chicago, I liked Teese, and I LOVE Tofutti vegan cream cheese. 
Yes! I speak Russian pretty fluently but it's a second language- I have a Russian-speaking nanny and a bunch of language aids like books, music and videos to help me out and my 20 month old already recognizes as much Russian as English in regular conversation.
We did early intervention with my son, because he really didn't say any words at 15-16 months. What they advise is saying things SLOWLY and every time you do them, so if he's eating a banana for breakfast you're saying "BA-NA-NA" vey slowly when handing it to him, asking him "What do you want? BA-NA-NA?" before you hand him the next piece, etc. With just a few sessions, he is already saying more words and I feel like we're on the right track. I bet you have an EI program...
We live in Hawaii, where it's always sunny, and my 20 month old goes to bed EARLY so we have a shower curtain-blackout curtain over his window. The darker it is, the better and longer he sleeps. We also have a sound machine, because we live in a busy apartment building and his bedroom faces the hall where the neighbors walk. I'd get blackout curtains ASAP!  I think as soon as they outgrow the infant/sleep anywhere phase, the darker and more soothing you can make their...
I just got back from a trip to Asia, where every bathroom has a mini-sprayer bidet type thing, and we sell them here in the states for not too much either- basically, like a diaper sprayer. Would he try that- rinsing his butt with a little sprayer? It might be fun enough to intrigue him.
Any chance you could put a hat on L for a while, to kind of hide her hair while you work on the "No pulling"? Eliminating the temptation while you work on the behavior might be good.
This is for bigger cities, but market surveys are great! I made between $50-$200 extra dollars a month, plus samples of food, body products, etc through signing up for market surveys. The best ones are the in-person ones, where you go and give your opinion on something. You can find leads on craigslist, or googling in your area. Be sure they're not the scams that ask you for money to participate. I also write articles for textbroker.com and do some database work for a...
I like it! My parents have friends who changed their name to Fisher when they got married, just because they liked to fish. I wanted me and my husband to do something like that, but he was very attached to his surname. So I changed mine, 'cause I wanted us all to have the same. Anyway, I think it's a great idea!
I think it would be funny to act like you hadn't noticed: "Wait- this one's a girl? Oh no!"   I also would try to let it go. Yeah, it's annoying to think that everyone has an opinion on your family, but still, they put maybe 5 seconds into thinking of what to say, and you should put even less into considering their opinion. You know your life, they don't- the end.
My dentist suggested bringing him around 18 months- he had about 10 teeth by then? I brought him with me to my appointment and he sat on my lap. The dentist just looked in his mouth, kind of examined him and he got a little toy- very nonthreatening. He didn't like the bright light, but he didn't cry really, and I think it set a good base for future exams. The whole thing took no more than ten minutes. 
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