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Tajaluna, OahuAPMoms board is basically defunct but we're alive and well on Facebook- if you use it, you can connect with a lot of AP moms around here!
  This is one of my favorites, from my bellydancing troupe.
That if you have a healthy, full-term baby, you do not have to sterilize everything constantly. Obviously keep your pumps and bottles clean if you are using them, but it's not like formula: you don't have to boil everything all the time.
"...to remind people this choice is a great privilege and that everyone in the world does not have the same luxury and that vaccinations can be a good thing. " -PP   I think it is brought up to remind non-vaccinators that their choice would not be even moderately safely possible without the choice of many others to vaccinate. 
I think that connections and sensations are still so new for a child of her age, it's normal that not even SHE knows what she wants. My 17 month old throws fits for no reason that he or I can figure out during the day... these just seem especially bad to you because they're at night, when you're tired and not 100% and you used to be able to soothe her and now you can't. It's not your fault or hers. If she needs to sort it out by herself with you there, just give her the...
We have had such a good experience with assessment and EI that I recommend it if you have any doubt. The evaluation is like a game and playing for the child, so there's really no downside and you can always decline services if you disagree with the assessment. For me, it gave me extra reassurance that I was doing everything possible for him.
My OB/GYN just moved from Kailua to Silver Spring, MD so you all are in luck! She's in private practice- Dr. Sheila Overton, 10801 Lockwood Drive, Suite 320 Silver Spring, MD 20901-1559 Phone (301) 681-3400. I wouldn't say she's AP, exactly, but she's very pro-BFing and I got a very good vibe from her about my choices. 
My husband and I had been married a good twelve years before I was ready to try. He has always wanted kids and I've never been a 'kid' person. We agreed that the finances had to be in order and he had to be out of grad school and working before we had a baby. We did the math and decided October 2009 was the time to start, with a projected graduation for him of summer 2010. Well, we got pregnant within 2-3 months of starting, so he ended up defending his dissertation only...
I just found out about Theodent, a fluoride free toothpaste that's supposed to be good for all ages. It supposedly has a whole new technology for strengthening enamel. I ordered some to try, but I wondered if and MDC mamas have tried it? Here's the link: http://www.theodent.com/
My 17 month old has been getting EI speech therapy services for a month, because he really had no words at all at 15 months, not even mama or dada. He had a special noise he made for dogs, but that was about it. We were evaluated, qualified and started in mid January. We have a therapist come to the house 2x month and he said his first word in therapy last week, so only his third session! (It was TRUCK, of all things...) He loves the therapy, it's obviously helping- I...
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