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I always think that argument is funny, too, as if we're going to have our family pictures taken nude so people could be like, "OMG, their penises look different!" Ha! Like I wouldn't look different from a baby daughter who hasn't grown breasts!
I'm sorry to say that my son bit for almost three months before he weaned, it was terrible! Some things that seemed to help were singing to him and holding his hand, squeezing the fingers to distract him; taking him off as soon as he bit (but then he would bite as soon as he was done) and nursing him when he was very tired. Some other moms on this thread have had success giving their babies something else to bite, like a teether and offering it as soon as they start...
I shellacked mine and have it hanging in my son's room. I got semi-creative and put one of my ultrasound pictures on the belly, I think it came out really cute and looks nice in his room. 
I was reminded of an article I read on breastfeeding in Mongolia, where not only is nursing the answer to every child's problem but that they do it for a really long time. (Here's a reprint of the article: http://www.drmomma.org/2009/07/breastfeeding-in-land-of-genghis-khan.html) They have children who grow up well-adjusted and able to solve problems. I think your son will be fine even if you let him nurse on demand until he self-weans, but I also think it was fine for...
We speak two languages at home and tried to do sign with our son from the age of about 6 months, but he never took to it. He MIGHT do the sign for 'more' once in a while, and he reacts to 'all done' but nothing else. He's not much of a talker either, in fact we have a speech therapist coming for Early Intervention starting this month (he's 15 months old.) I don't know that sign helped or hurt, really. 
We used ours from 4-5 months to a year with no problems, it was wonderful. We also have only a walk-in shower, no tub, so I would put my son in the Bumbo and bring him into the shower with me, it was great! (The bottom of my shower is flat tile, it wouldn't work if it were curved like a tub.) When he got chubbier, we had to perform a Bumbo-ectomy and pop it off his legs and butt when lifting him out but he never complained, ha!
You can mail it to yourself general delivery to the post office you think will be closest to you in NY, and it will be held for 30 days there. Details here: https://www.usps.com/manage/research-delivery-options.htm I would repackage into several smaller, lighter boxes and send them parcel post to save money. 
It varies from state to state, of course, but I feel like 6 weeks is not an unusually long time between diagnosis and appointment (although you haven't had the appointment yet!) I had my son evaluated, and it took 4 weeks of me and the ped calling EI to get the initial interview, then the evaluation was scheduled 2 weeks later, then the appointment with service providers two weeks after that. We just had the appointment with the PT and speech therapist 1/4, and the first...
Yes! I noticed it by accident! It is kind of pyramid shaped, but flat on the "tip" and slides out of the wraparound quilt-like part. It is good to take them apart if you need to wash the insert. I then got the idea to just use the base and it was perfect to keep him higher up.
I used the full Heart to Heart insert for a few months- maybe two- and then just the base, which comes out, for my son to kind of sit on, so he wasn't slumped too far in. I didn't need the insert at all after he was about 4 months old. I'd see if I could get one second hand (here in Hawaii, there are tons of Ergos and inserts on Craigslist all the time) because you might not need it long at all. I LOVE my Ergo and still use it daily for my baby, who's now 22 lbs and 15...
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