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Gestational age. I didn't give any finger food until they were about 9-10 mos (7-8 gest), but even then they just teethed on it and played with it until they were over a year old. I did BLW, so didn't even bother with purees. Really, how can strained peas have more nutrition than mama milk? It's not that your milk isn't enough. It's that they love your milk so much they want more of it! Nurse away!
The first 6 months of twin mom life is awful, just awful. NICU, preemies, nursing, putting to sleep, it's all too much. It's so hard when you're in it, but I promise, it DOES get better. Hugs.
Agreeing with the above -- if you and Daddy are cool with it, do it. I might wait till the twins are well over a year, so that if your milk supply is impacted it won't be *that* detrimental. Of course, AF hasn't even come back yet, and who knows when she will. But you're not crazy at all for wanting more after twins! People always ask me "you're done right?!" And I say "Nope, I'm not scared off yet!" Glad that you're not scared off either.
Oooh, same here mama! We have Jaws and Dracula living with us. It was REALLY bad from about 12-15 mos, it has slowed down a little bit now (16 mos) (uh oh... hope im not jinxing it!). They bite and then LAAUGHH cus it's so dang funny to hurt mommy and daddy.
All good advice above. In addition, what I do for poop with my squirmers / screamers: Take him to the bathroom sink, holding him upright. Then I stand him on his feet on the counter, facing me. While balancing him there, I wet a washcloth (or two) that I keep at the ready. I gently ease down the poopy pants, wipe down the bum, fold up the poo diaper to clean off afterwards. Then I pick him up kind of over my shoulder, just so he bends enough for me to get a thorough wipe...
I have a bunch of carriers. Babyhawk mei tai, a beco Gemini, and a couple of woven wraps. Been using the wraps most recently.
We have this exp very often! After a couple of tries at nursing down, just to have the baby roll off and squirm or crawl around, I'll wrap him on my back and walk around, fold laundry, etc. This either gets him calm enough to actually nurse down, or puts him fully to sleep. Hope it could work for you!
You get three hours of sleep straight?! Lucky! I didn't get that till mine were well over a year old! You're doing great, mama. Just keep nursing nursing nursing. It will get better.
My twins woke to nurse every hour or two up until a week ago. They are 15 mos now. I would roll side to side every hour all night. Oh and for a while there I felt like all I did all day was try to get the babies to sleep. Miserable. For who knows what reason in the last week or two they've really honestly slept for some 3-4 hour stretches! I feel amazing! What really helped/helps me is napping with them during the day. If I'm up, even one eye open half asleep, every dang...
Also, I use baby probiotics (Jarrow's). It's a powder in a little tub. I mix 1/2 tsp with a bit of expressed breastmilk and then use a dropper to feed it to the baby. (if I let him drink it, half would get spilled or spit out, y'know). No messing around opening capsules. Plus it's sweet, so they LOVE it. I found these at whole foods (or your local health food store) in the refrigerated vitamin section. (not on the shelf with all the other vitamins)
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