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Night owls here too, esp DH. He easily will come to bed between 4 and 7 am, sleep all day (on the weekends) or get up for work at 10 am. Me, I naturally go to bed between 11pm and 1 am, so not *quite* as night owlish, and get up between 830 and 10 am. The babies tend to stay up late and rise late-ish too. They'll usually be done for the night sometime between 10 and 12, then they'll sleep till 9am ish (nursing several times each thru the night of course), be awake for an...
Born at 30 w 5 d. Spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Baby B 42 days and Baby A 45 days. (So jealous of you full term mamas!)
Short answer, yes, the same safety standards apply. To that end, there are some threads a ways back about keeping a baby warm at night, baby waking up cold, etc., and the ways to deal with it. Lots of people will do things like layer on the clothes/jammies, e.g., a onesie, then a footed jammie in cotton or fleece, then a swaddle or sleep sack. I really like a double swaddle of one Aden & Anais blanket, then one SwaddleDesigns blanket. This keeps 'em wrapped up nice and...
Very normal. At about 7 or 8 weeks my babies went suddenly from pooping a few times per day to going every couple of days. Then it became about once a week. Sometimes 8 or 9 days. There's a thread a ways back about a baby not pooping for two weeks. All the posters assured the mama it was normal.
Thank you for the replies, and sorry for the cryptic message. The boys were born at 30 + 5, 3.2 and 3.5 lbs, 16.5" each. Stayed in the NICU for 6 weeks with no major issues. Were on cpap for one day, nasal cannula for one day, then spent the rest of the time learning to eat and not have spells. They've been healthy and growing fabulously since they came home. I just hate to have them give blood! But since you had to do the tests with your 29 weekers it probably is legit.
Well, 36 weeks is usually the goal to make it to b/c so many twin pregnancies end early. It's not "term," but just, it's best if they can make it that far along. Some women will carry to 37+ weeks, so the babies are in fact full term. But many don't make it anywhere near that far along. Overdue would be measured the same as any pregnancy.
Seconding the rec to sidecar a crib rather than use a cosleeper. I currently have twins that were born premature. I got the cosleeper thinking it was going to be awesome. It's turned into a glorified nightstand. I am going to side car the crib this weekend (and I can't wait!!). I will love the bed extension because as it is now, they sleep at funky angles and I sleep all smashed up (we have a queen). When the babies first came home I used the cosleeper more than I do now...
CONGRATS!! Enjoy your baby!!
Our dr is ordering this bone mineralization test, which is a blood test to see whether my babies' bones are "laying down" properly. She wants us to do it every month. I don't want to have to have the babies go through giving blood monthly! It's awful! We've done the test once and I don't want to do it again. Is this test really that important? Can I respectfully decline it?
I'm a member of my local MOM's group, and yes, lots of people don't nurse their twins. Granted, lots of mothers of multiples also utilize CIO, scheduling, and so on, probably things that you wouldn't be interested in since you're on MDC. :P Lots of other MOM's I know do both BFing and bottles of formula. Most people I've met have been happy with their choices, whatever they have been, because there are benefits to both. I would, of course, encourage you to start with...
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