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We had yeast for weeks! We used clotrimazole + hydrocortisone and that got it about 75% improved. Then (wish I bad found this sooner--) CJ's Butter Plus (meant for yeast) fully cleared it. So I highly recommend CJ's butter "plus"!
*5 y.o.
Can you babysit my kid while managing your 5th and infant twins, pls? You're kidding, right?! HA!
Going no poo can take a month or more for some people's hair to adjust. Give it time! It's totally worth it! (Check out the forums at naturallycurly.com if you haven't already. It's very helpful.)
Wow, ka-pow! This topic has got me heated! I think I'm going to tell my mom and have my dh tell his mom TONIGHT: "Never cut the boys' hair!" just in case.
Our Maclaren Twin Triumph folds up to an umbrella stroller-size. Highly recommended!
It definitely gets better! Seconding the advice you've already received, and offering ((hugs)).   Some ideas:    Like a pp said, maybe try other carriers/slings. Some babies have different preferences.    This frog toy was amazing for my car screamers. Seriously, they screamed so much I hit a post at the gas station once.    Sleep begets more sleep. So it's great that you've found he can nap on you. Keep it up!   Forget housework. You can clean in a...
Hey OP, so sorry it's tough going right now! But I just had a quick thought about poop. I bet your baby would be a perfect candidate to use flushable biodegradable liners in his diapies. Y'know those ones by GroVia or Bummis? Since he poops so often you could just stick one of these in every diaper and peel off the poop!   I'd relax about the EC thing. I would LOVE to catch a poop from one of my boys, just ONCE! But no, as much as I sit 'em on the potty (and we do...
My doctor's practice was to do vaginal as long as Baby A was vertex, as many pp's have said. Didn't matter what Baby B was.    For most of my pg A was vertex and B was breech. In the last couple of weeks they both turned vertex.    Don't fret, Mama!
I flew regularly through most of my pregnancy. Work related trips from southern to northern California. About 3 times per month. Never had an issue. The need to travel stopped by the time I was about 25 weeks though.   Woops, just realized I'm late to the party on this one, because you've probably already flown. But don't worry! You'll be fine!
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