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When my boys' naps are all out of sync, I will get us all in the car and drive somewhere. Hopefully that will get them to sleep at somewhat the same time, without me having to physically put them to sleep. Even though gas is $4/gallon, I'll let the car idle in the parking lot while I eat some drive thru and the boys sleep. It's worth it to me. Shrug.   Can you wear both at the same time? Front and back? That may help. Or at least put one on your back, then you can...
When it comes to multiples, we have to sacrifice some of our AP ideals. Fact. Compromise has to come somewhere because two babies at the same time =/= one baby at a time.   Just approach everything with complete confidence! You don't have to make any excuses. You've got twins to take care of, dammit!
Ay ay ay... I even got it once from DH... he and his sister are one year apart, and he was all, My mom was home alone all day with two babies. Ooooooooooo I got so peeved! The difference between a one year old and a newborn is astronomical! It is NOT the same at all! (He's never mentioned anything like this again btw. Smart man.)
Yayy! Beautiful!
Absolutely!    When they were tiny = both in the Moby (a woven wrap probably would have been better for less sagging, but whatevs). See here:  http://cdn.mothering.com/d/db/dbabd2d5_feda2b92.jpg   When they got bigger = Mommy Sandwich, front and back. I really love two Beco Geminis. My pic is of a Babyhawk and a Beco Butterfly II that I was trying on: http://cdn.mothering.com/8/85/858cdfbb_91716263.jpg   Front and back is by far my favorite.    Double...
Loved this video! I'm so jealous!    Forgive me if this is ignorant, but I'm curious how you pronounce your babies' names? Cabhan and Aile - Irish names? 
The overstim is too much for some women. It's ok. Do what you have to do :D
My boys are 9 months corrected (11 mos actual), and they go 2 to 4 hours between naps. Usually the morning nap comes about 2-2.5 hours after waking up. This is usually the shortest wakeful period of the day. Then, depending on how long that nap is (anywhere from 20 mins to 3 hours), they stay awake for another few hours, then nap again in the afternoon. Depending on how long that goes, they're up for another 2-4 hours. So yeah, sometimes they're up for only 2 hrs, but...
2-3 large cups in the a.m. They're filled with ice cream too... I discovered that putting chocolate ice cream in your coffee makes it like a mocha! It's like adding cream and sugar... and chocolate... mmmmmmm...   Then often I will get a cappuccino or mocha in the afternoon while out & about.
Seconding www.naturallycurly.com.   It's a must-see.
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