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Agreed. Original size cosleeper. You can probably find one on craigslist for half the price of a new one.   Frankly, the original size is almost as big as a crib, so looking back, I should have just bypassed the cosleeper and used the sidecarred crib from the get go. Something to consider.
Mine slept together in a cosleeper just fine. Especially if they're swaddled, as they are likely to need to be those first few months, rolling wouldn't be a problem. In fact, I would swaddle mine up together, nice and tight.   Now that they're bigger we have sidecarred a crib and one sleeps on each side of me. So we have baby crib side -- mommy -- baby -- daddy (scrunched up on the other side lol).
Make this site your new homepage. You'll find there are so many other moms and families dealing with the same struggles as you are, and learn about all the many ways to deal with it. Also go to a LLL meeting in your area of you want to meet up with other mamas in person.
Adorkable is right -- bottles are not any easier than boobs. Frankly, they can be a lot harder.   The fact is that the first months with twins are HARD no matter what. But it's just a couple of months over the course of their entire lives which is worth it in the long run.   For the first few months I would sleep for maybe 45 minutes at a time. Yes, I hit the wall in the middle of the night more than a few times.    Stick with it! *cheerleader*
*Shakes Magic 8 Ball*   Outlook not so good
Many moms on MDC have delivered twins without the "just-in-case" epi. I chose to get it because I'm not that much of a risk taker. But it's totally do-able.    And 36 weeks should NOT be time for an induction. 36 weeks is, like, a goal to get that far. By no means a max amount of time to be pregnant with twins.
That's identical! And adorable! Congrats on such beautiful babies!   When my boys came out we didn't know whether they were ID or not -- two sacs, two placentas. But they sure did look a lot alike! The question was, did they look alike cus they were babies, brothers, or truly identical? There are definitely differences between them, like yours. Little fuller face on one, slightly higher forehead on the other, etc. The DNA confirmed that they were a match. I'm sure...
I wish I knew about EC from the beginning. At this point I just have different priorities.    I think about doing it a lot, but then, often, taking care of one would severely mess up the other baby's situation. Like, if they're napping (on me of course), one wakes up -- this would be a potty-tunity, but me moving would wake up the other guy, and I don't want to do that. So I congratulate MOM's who can do it.
Oh yeah, mine fought sleep a lot too. I got two of the FP papasan swings, and those helped a LOT with naps. They would sleep for sometimes 2-3 hrs in the swings. I didn't get them until they were about 4 months old -- I should have gotten them WAY sooner!    I couldn't do anything other than take care of the babies until they were able to sit unsupported -- about 7 or 7.5 months old (5.5 mos adjusted). Because once they could sit, they were into playing with toys for...
You'll have days where they're in sync and days where they're totally out of sync. It's hard. No other way to put it. You're lucky that it got off to a good start!    Not showering until late is totally normal. Some days you may not shower at all.   I remember in the early months the babies would go from zero to starving in two seconds flat. Like the pp said, they're not so good at cues, I guess, so they'd go from fine to screaming in no time at all. Plus, in my...
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