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Hoping things are getting better for you Annette! In the beginning all I did was nurse them and it was all tandem, and still all I did was nurse them! I'd nurse, they'd fall asleep, I'd let them lie there on the pillow around my waist, they'd wake up, diaper change, and immediately back to the nursing. CONSTANT.    I used Soothie pacifiers -- I think they're most like a real nipple b/c they're straight rather than shaped like a question mark. I wouldn't worry so much...
My babies were born at 30 w 5 d, so just a day shy of yours ((hugs)).  It is NOT easy. Just as a comparison, they were in the NICU for 6 weeks (42 days and 45 days), and they spent the last 3 weeks on the "take all of our feedings orally" roller coaster. Some days were great, then they'd have an apnea spell and would be set back, over and over and over again. Nursing for about 7 mins and then taking the rest by bottle sounds familiar. In the NICU we would nurse for like...
Agree with all of the above. Confidence and assertiveness is required when it comes to company and baby holding. I have no qualms about taking my baby from whomever and saying "He needs mama." That's that. You're right, politeness doesn't work. 
Seems similar to what my babies do. I don't really keep track (probably should have...) but I know they take a midmorning nap after being awake for an hour or two. Then hopefully a good long nap in the late afternoon, and usually another one in the evening. We go to bed late, usually around 10 pm, and stay in bed till about 10 am. They wake up a bunch of times at night still. So I'd say normal.
I agree! I love sleeping with my babies, even though they wake me up every hour and a half or two. I can't imagine putting them in another room. I love holding them. I love just looking at them. I love talking with them, singing to them, flying them through the air. I love their poop and puke. Everything. I used to feel this way about my dog, but now the dog takes a far, far second seat to the babies. I never thought I would love staying at home with kids, but now it is...
Normal. Mine were constantly on the boob for like the first 3-4 months. I would just sit on the couch with my brest friend pillow and watch tv marathons. (Thank god for the DVR!) They'd nurse, fall asleep, I wouldn't move. They'd wake up, diaper change (cry the whole time), immediately back to the boob/couch. Round the clock.
They were tested because we had to go to the ER for IV fluids because they had an AWFUL tummy virus that had them puking and pooping themselves like crazy.  It sucked BIG TIME.  Anyhoo, they did several blood tests while there.  Nightmare.  
Welcome!   I worked until the day my water broke... at 30 weeks... at a part time low stress desk job. Moral of my story is that even low risk working situations can end in pre term labor. Hopefully yours will go better!   Here's a link I found helpful with regard to types of twins: http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/_/viewer.aspx?path=dorland&name=twin.jpg Yes, same sex twins in separate sacs could be either identical or fraternal.  If they're in...
My doc just called me and said to give them the iron vitamins, so we're g2g. They'll have to gve blood again after taking the vites for a week to recheck, which sucks to have to do, but it's ok. Thx for all the tips, ladies!
All great advice. Just wanted to quickly add that you might bring a bottle / nipple of your own in for the nurses to use -- so he can get used to what you would use at home (of course, in addition to the boob). Another thing we did was the OT printed up instruction and posted them by the babies' beds that said "use only slow flow nipple" etc.
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