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Give him the antibiotics, even if he seems to be getting better. It could be a fluke and untreated strep gets very nasty very fast.
Congratulations!    And that doesn't sound horribly medicalized, to me. ;)
Can you put her in a swing or something, to get some reprieve? I've been there with a crying baby that just won't stop, but didn't want to just put them in the other room. Try the swing or a baby seat for her, and take a breather. It's not CIO- you are still there and care about her crying and being upset. But you need to take care of yourself too.
The TTO will NOT get rid of strep. Give that baby his antibiotics and some extra probitics to balance it out, and call it a day. He will feel better very soon.
Don't worry about emotionally damaging your DD. She will be ok as long as it is done with love and not a cold-turkey, cut you off and can't even sit with you in case you ask to nurse, type of things. She is old enough to understand that you are done nursing but that doesn't mean you don't love her. Find something else to do with her- reading, playing, watching a movie, taking her outside. She knows you love her still, but at some point we all need to find a new way to...
What makes you say that? I was born and raised here but have many friends who have come from out of state (some from out of the country!) and have never ever had someone "shut out" based on where they were born.
Yeah pack n play for the baby or find a different spot for the loving.
Well I can say that I don't have multiples, but if any expectant mom was sure she didn't want to breastfeed, I would applaud her for knowing her limitations. Seriously. I have many friends and family with multiples, and know how hard it can be just on the day to day stuff sometimes. Of course there is always the option of doing half formula/half breastfeeding, but either way your babies will grow just fine. Good luck to you!
I had both after my oldest's birth. I don't feel comfortable sharing the story on here but if you want to talk about it, feel free to PM me.
That's just totally ridiculous.
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