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I bought my son an egg slicer at that age, and he loved slicing his own eggs for snack.
My midwife, after both of my births, left the house so pristine that I remember looking at my bedroom the morning after my son was born and wondering if I dreamed the whole thing! Especially if she didn't make it for the birth, she should have cleaned up.
Some people have recommended one of those fish tank net scoops. I didn't have one, and things were fine. My wonderful MW just kind of scooped the clots and stuff up with her (gloved) hands.
I had home births with a CPM, but my first labor was so fast that DH and I were both afraid that #2 would come before she got there (and we were sort of freaked out at the idea of an unplanned UC). DH was able to take a neonatal resuscitation class--the same training that midwives and L&D nurses get. The AAP, which is the certifying board, yelled at the lady who taught the class after the fact, but ... anyway, thank God, we didn't need it, but it made us both feel so...
I had baby #1 on my bedroom floor, #2 in my normal-to-smallish bathtub. The tub was awesome!
Thanks for the thoughts. I probably should go see someone...would sure hate for *that* to be messed up forever! ;)   I would have thought that a hemmorhoid or fissure would be a lot more painful than this. This mostly doesn't hurt, really.
This is gross and maybe tmi...   So, I had my baby on October 1, all natural water birth at home. She was full-on posterior, and my whole labor was about 2 hours. My midwife said, "Wow, you just blew that baby out of there!" I had a few superficial tears, but didn't require stitches. I feel mostly healed up, except that sometimes when I poop (if the stool is very hard), when I wipe, there is some blood. It's just a tiny bit--I don't find stains in my underwear or...
My son was just like this. It gets better. But it can take a while.   Bob Marley, very loud, was all that got my son to stop crying. Maybe it's worth a try?   No matter how bad it gets, you should never nurse in a moving car. Here's why: http://thecarseatlady.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/no-nursing-while-the-car-is-moving/   And yes, I've been very tempted to do it, even knowing it is dangerous.
How long have you been trying it? My whole family started sharing a bedroom when DD was born, and the first week was hell. My son woke up every time the baby did. After a bit, though, he started sleeping through he noises. I think he just got used to it. So...give it some time? Also, is it possible to make a game out of being sneaky (for your son)?   Good luck! Bedtime is tough.
My son is a life-long sleep resistor. For his 2nd birthday, I got him a wonderful 4-CD set of Peter Dennis reading Winnie the Pooh (http://www.amazon.com/Milnes-Pooh-Classics-Boxed-Set/dp/0786170956/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1357067080&sr=8-1&keywords=peter+dennis+winnie+the+pooh). We started modifying our bedtime routine so we read a few books, and then say, "My voice is tired. Let's turn off the lights and listen to a Pooh story." And this is what we do. At some point, I...
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