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Well, I don't think I would consider hospital births particularly safe for women of color. A study came out over the summer that found that black women are five times more likely to die in childbirth than white women. I think that the kind of disrespect and lack of care that you experienced at the hospital is responsible for some of that appalling disparity...
DS loves Sesame Street and Shaun the Sheep, both of which are pretty nonviolent and show non-traditional gender roles.   We don't have real TV either, but there's tons of Sesame Street on youtube and Shaun at our local library.
Wow, I'm totally there.   One thing I've found (which I think is SCARY in the wrong hands--thus why we don't have TV) is that my DS is insanely suggestible. We were watching Sesame Street and Elmo got a drink of water, and immediately, he said, "I need my water!"   One night, following an epic toothbrush battle, I had a stroke of inspiration and looked up "sesame street toothbrush" on youtube. I found this (WARNING: THIS WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR A...
We actually decorated a tree in our yard last year with twinkle lights, strings of popcorn, pinecones w/birdseed, etc. We have a small living room, trees are expensive, and we are always with our parents for the holiday, so we aren't there to enjoy it, really. I think we'll do the same this year, especially since DS loves birds.
My son went through a few phases when he was eating literally more than I was! He was hungry all the time. It drove me crazy, to be honest.   A few things that helped us: * Give her a Really Big lunch. Moving the big calorie load earlier in the day will help her digest it a little more efficiently, and also might help prevent hungriness that looks like stalling. * I got this from a mother of four: pasta with alfredo sauce. It's very fatty and fills them up...
  He does do random naughty things when I'm on the phone or kneading bread dough--any time he can tell I'm otherwise occupied. He definitely likes the baby and loves to cuddle with her.
I actually asked him if he remembers nursing (we weaned at 15 months), and he says he doesn't. We sometimes cuddle and read books while I'm nursing, and that's ok. It's more when either he doesn't feel like sitting on the couch or when he's already involved in something and I don't want to disrupt him, that we have problems. It's really hard to tease out what is new-sibling jealousy and what is just being an ornery two-year-old.
My son did that. I think around 12 weeks the eating got less intense, but the sleeping...ug. He's two, and still not a big sleeper. DD, on the other hand, sleeps kind of a lot--2 and 3 hour stretches. She's 5.5 weeks, too.
I should note, my enforcement usually includes taking away what ever he is misusing (a pen, if drawing on the wall) and putting the object in timeout. Not beating or anything.
Ok, I swear that my son (26 months) waits until I'm feeding the baby to seriously act up. Mostly, I've found that responding immediately to stuff he's not supposed to do (drawing on the walls) is pretty effective and only takes a few times until he gets the message. Saying, "Don't do that," when I'm too occupied to enforce it does not work.    Any ideas?
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