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Wow, that is an ASTOUNDING birth story! Congratulations.
So cute! Congratulations!
Yay! And what sweet names.
Congratulations, and best wishes on your recovery!
  Well, yes.   I'm honestly not sure at all if anyone other than friends or church people would do this for free. I also don't know if there's a formal certification for post-partum doulas, as there is for labor doulas. If so, they might need to get a certain amount of time in, for free or very cheap, in order to get certified. I have lots of friends who had free or cheap doulas at their births because the doula needed to attend a certain number of births in order to get...
Yeah, mama drama...I hear that. Sigh.   Would you consider hiring a post-partum doula? I didn't even know these existed, until I met someone who does this as her job. She comes in daily for as long as the parents want her, and cooks, does light cleaning, keeps the laundry moving, holds the baby if the mom needs to take a shower or a nap, and is a licensed lactation consultant. It's pretty neat. I don't know what she costs, but if I were having twins and already had a...
My son is going through a similar thing with pools and lakes, and other deep water. Last summer, he loved to hang on to me and go in the pool, but this summer, he cries if I try to get him to--he even is very concerned if I'm in the pool. When we've gone, it's typically been with my mom, who is really concerned about him being "scared of water"--not really an accurate way to put it, as he loves to play in shallow water. She constantly badgers him to get in the pool and...
Congratulations! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!
I should note that plenty of moms have babies that close with no iron-related problems. It's about 50%, compared with about 20% of women who space their babies farther apart. Here's the study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9132965
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