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Ooops...just read this! Things are actually going pretty well and has definitely gotten easier as time has gone on. It is difficult to find the balance between keeping a schedule for our own sanity while making sure baby needs are met at their own schedule (I refuse to make a baby wait to eat if he is hungry!) but we have been getting more into a natural groove.
Great thread idea! It is difficult to capture smiles so the pics that do show them are precious! I will have to post some soon.Farmer--Interesting to know about the EDD vs birth date in regards to smiling....thanks!Haha, I know exactly how you feel about thinking one baby would be easy...but also think the same about twins. One baby per person definitely seems doable. This "extra" baby thing is sometimes super overwhelming....but worse when it is just me with all three!...
Technically,these are 3 month old pictures....but their adjusted age is about a month.
I would like to join! I have three babies that are 7-10 pounds and are almost 11 weeks old.
Pretty well! 12 days from my due date and two are finally big enough for cloth diapers! It still might be a while for the little guy.... We have gotten into a pretty good routine but still feed outside of the 'time slots' for hungry babies (big no no for many multiple moms...but I don't think a baby should ever not be allowed to eat--just my opinion). Trying to provide as much breastmilk as possible but not making enough for three babies--enough for two but not three. Any...
Seraf--I just wanted to let you know that we have been (for the most part) cosleeping with the triplets. It is SO possible even in a full size bed!!
I LOVE these!!
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