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I use the Boppy pillow and would not be able to survive without it! It helps with the weight of my stomach, provides the right amount of support under body and between legs, AND I don't have to be surrounded by multiple pillows. I have had the absolute WORST hip pains--I flip from side to side and end up getting up and sitting in a recliner throughout the night. Sleeping is not my favorite thing to do... As for back sleeping, you will wake up if it is an issue!! I slept...
Hahaha, I have been on modified bedrest since 20 weeks--so, yes....way more time than I want.
I entered too (3 photos)...I figure with three babies on the way, I might as well try it. You all look so great! It is incredible to see the growth!jess--I love the huge balloons! I have seen a lot of maternity pics with balloons in them but none that big (and I love that you used a blue and a green rather than two blue)--super cute!jess/quinalla--How does it work with twins? Are you expected to make it to 40 weeks or is it closer to around 37? I am now measuring around 45...
In the rules it states: "Winners will be chosen by the editorial panel review, thumbs up and total participation on the thread (limit of one prize per entrant). So spread the word and thumbs-up your favorites!" So I don't think it is completely about the most votes but it is taken into account.
I would totally be okay if my name was Story. I like it.
Mine were sent out today! 5 days later than I planned...but they are on their way!
Oh, names. Ours will be at least three days before they are named (although, who knows...we could surprised ourselves). We had a girl name picked out...and a lot of others we really, really liked. Oh what? All boys? Shit. Our list is now at 10 names. We have already picked out middle names for sure...so at least that is over with. wishin'--Oh yeah. It is all becoming totally real now. And we are down to 5 weeks at the most!
Oh Seraf! I am so sorry! Sounds awful!
I will be having mine by April 5th (at the latest). The idea of having THREE babies in 5 weeks or less terrifies me!! ETA: Ah yes, first babies to be born in April were from a fellow triplet mom. THAT makes sense!
I just got weighed today so figured I would share! I started out at 125 and was 162 this afternoon (up 37!)--and my weight is definitely starting to plateau (I guess this is normal for multiples). I was told to gain 50-60 pounds for triplets and don't really think I will meet that goal since I only have 5 weeks max left--but feel like I will be close enough! Babies are growing well so no one seems concerned.
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