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Ok, I figure I had better update since I spend all my time on here lurking and not writing. Thanks to all of you for posting pictures and updates so I have something to look at and read! The issue is, my life is boring. I do have a phone conference with work this morning...that will be the highlight of my day. I am now on my 5th week of living off island--D comes to stay with me every other week (so she can continue to work) and my mom stays with me when she is not...
Seraf/Smiling--Yeah! Congrats on the move! I would be super excited as well...in fact, I am totally jealous.
Mine are a bit more eclectic than the ones in the example. Hope that is okay!
EXACTLY! It actually almost took me a full 20 minutes to really process that he really said it. He is a very awkward doctor...so I guess in a way it didn't surprise me. But, definitely should know better with how many pregnant women he works with...and totally made me more self-conscious.
I've got a rude comment to share...and it came from my MFM (high risk doctor)! Last week I was in at my 26 week growth scan. (Now, I am measuring 37.5 weeks right now and am up 37 pounds--so I am a bit self-conscious as it is.) My doctor walked into the room and said, "Wow, I almost didn't recognize you...you look like you are ready to pop and your face has gotten fuller." Thanks a lot.
Bought my beads today! I will send them out soon!
I am doing ok--thanks for asking! I am getting a bit more used to not doing anything--but also, moving around is pretty impossible so it makes it easier to spend most of my time still. So far, they are all doing really well and growing at almost the same rate (a worry for multiples). All 2 lbs or a bit over!
55 days for me since they won't let me go longer than 34 weeks. Scary. And hope I make it that far.
Welcome Miranda--I am a Miranda too!
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