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If I could have done it all over again, I would have gotten basic hormone levels checked first! This would have saved me time and money...and would have allowed me to mentally prepare myself for the journey.
We got pregnant on our first try with a a mix of fresh/frozen at home ICI. Unfortunately, this ended in a miscarriage. After a year of at home IUIs and ICIs, we switched to a FS and began in office IUIs with basic monitoring. We had two miscarriages in that time span along with a laparoscopy to get rid of mild endo and a hysteroscopy to remove a polyp. I also found out that I had borderline FSH and AMH levels... After a year with the FS, we decided to try gonal F shots...
Max--Wonderful news! I hope things begin to progress soon!\ Bigfoot--Fruit seemed to be the only thing that helped me.
Yes, my doctor told me that in a trial run in mice, some of the baby mice had slightly smaller brains. He said though "really, from my experience, the kids are only as dumb as their parents". He says what he thinks. It was left up to us though to make the decision on whether or not to get the shot...
Definitely wrong for me...said girl but having three boys!
Like Seraf, we live in the middle of nowhere in the midwest....and we are pretty much the token lesbian couple of our town. Some of our straight friends have children but we tend to hang out with an older crowd--and their children are already grown.
Threadcrashing to say CONGRATS to esenbee! Sending positive vibes for a sticky baby!
WOW! I kinda had a feeling with that beta jump. Congrats!
Me too! Actually, the u/s tech thought one of ours was a girl because the heart rate was so much faster than the other two....but, no.
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