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My 2-year-old did this last week too! Jumping around in the bed, but getting upset if we left the room. If it's any consolation, he seems to be through it already, and now goes to sleep quickly again. We changed our bedtime routine slightly: we used to read 2 books and then sing until he dropped off, but now he likes us to read out loud until he drops off (which only takes about 20 minutes). Maybe a slight change like that will help you too. 
I agree with the above poster about distracting and redirecting. At that age they don't understand discipline.   Another thing I have found helps is to basically allow everything that is not dangerous. It is tempting to forbid kids from doing things, but many of the things they do really aren't harmful, and once they do them a few times, they get tired of them and stop doing them on their own. For example, taking all the books off the shelf, playing in the potted...
I am in a similar situation--I have a 23 m.o. and am expecting baby #2 in September. DS used to be latched on almost all night, too, and we did (mostly) night wean him. The first few nights were rough, but he now sleeps through from about 7:30pm until 4 or 5am! After that, he is latched on almost continuously until we get up around 7, so we need to work on that.    The night weaning isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. He cried a lot for the first 2-3...
At 5 months we spent a lot of time on our exercise ball. I'd lay DS across my lap, with his head on my arm or in my hand, and bounce, bounce, bounce. If that didn't work, it was time for the Moby wrap. Hard to get him into his bed, but during the day that doesn't matter. 
I had major rib pain at the end of my first pregnancy. The doctor said it was caused by my relatively large baby snuggling up under the one side. You could actually feel the baby's back along my right side, so I think he was really cuddled up there under the rib. I did have elevated amniotic fluid levels (according to the US) but nothing major. I hope yours is also just a snuggly little one!
Since your son will be going to French schools, I wouldn't worry about him speaking only English at this stage. It is perfectly normal for them to go through phases where they only want to speak one language or the other. Forcing it will only make it a big deal. What I would not do, though, is give up speaking French to him just because he always answers in English. Stick with your French. It doesn't matter that he responds in English. It is probably just a phase, and if...
Household items are great at that age! Wipe out Pringles cans or yogurt containers and let them sort things into them (straws, beans, noodles, walnuts, onions, etc.). Mine loved the muffin tin, placing a potato in each well, or filling them with beans. While I was showering, he'd empty out my toiletries bag (safety-checked by me ahead of time, of course) and sort out the items. Cotton balls and q-tips were also fun. I also made him some play-dough, which he still loves,...
My DS is 21 months and also doesn't use any words (unless you count "uh-oh"). We just had a check-up with the doctor and she was not concerned at all, but we are raising him bilingually, so a delay in speech is expected in his case. I agree with the above posters, though, that if your insurance covers it, it can't do any harm to have him checked out. At the very least, the therapist will give you some fun ideas to work on his speech at home. 
I am right there with you: six weeks along with our second, and our first is also breastfeeding and co-sleeping. We are considering night weaning, but there is always some reason (sickness, travel, etc.) why we keep having to put it off. I am eager to hear what the others have to say!
My DS is 21 months and, after a 3-4-hour stretch when we first put him to bed, he also wakes up every 1-2 hours for the rest of the night. He is still nursing and co-sleeping, so I think that's why. The 3-4-hour stretch is before I come to bed. :-( I don't have any advice, but wanted you to know that you are not alone. Can your husband take over for a night or two so you can sleep in another room and catch up on sleep? I have found this helpful.
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