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I think Dr Sears is a happy medium. Have you read any of his books?   You can find information and articles at www.askdrsears.com 
I've got to say that I don't dig the skull and crossbones on there though. The reason that more vaccines keep being added are because they've been invented, not because they had them back then and were choosing not to use them.
As a rule, I offer repeat clients 10% off my current fees.
I'm assuming she's talked to her midwife about her preferences?
Have you met with the nurse-midwives at Corvallis?
Ok, so for many four year olds, teeth brushing is something you can send them to do, but I have overseen bathing for all of our children when they were that age. I wasn't sending them to go take a shower. I had to bathe them or hang out while they showered.   How is her speech? Are you able to give her a one-step direction and have her repeat it back to you before she does it?
For solid information about things to watch for, I would highly recommend reading Heart & Hands by Elizabeth Davis. It's affordable and super-informative.
Having your first visit around 15-16 weeks isn't unusual at all. I don't think you would need to explain anything.
You can do MCU as a distance program. Give them a call.
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