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No, I have seen babies who have a disorder that their older siblings do not.
I would recommend asking your midwife.
I would really recommend calling your doctor in the morning and asking for clarification. 
The biggest issue for me wouldn't be the Doppler, ultrasound, etc, but you feeling like your midwife can't respect your wishes. Are you comfortable advocating for yourself in this scenario?
Please get help if you feel like you need it. What we call postpartum depression can also occur prenatally.   Postpartum Support International has information on their website (and a number you can call):   http://postpartum.net/Get-the-Facts/Depression-During-Pregnancy-Postpartum.aspx
Ask her why she's recommending it. Did you test positive for GBS or skip testing?   Externally, I don't think it's a big deal. As in, go for it. Internally, that's between you and your midwife.
What sorts of things are you concerned about? Have you talked to your midwife about how she handles specific emergencies, reasons for transport, etc?
Moving this to the "I'm Pregnant" forum.
Like the other posters shared, the Vitamin K injection is not a vaccine; it is a supplement. Your baby had bruising, an indication to supplement Vitamin K. Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, known now as Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding is a big deal. The Vitamin K prevents that from happening.   Here is the US, we come from a place of privilege where we have widespread access to preventative care, like the Vit K shot. We don't have to see what can happen when that rare...
Candy here. It's Halloween.
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