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I don't know if you're interested in home birth, but there are lots of options in this area. Both myself and the other midwife I work with are very open and accepting of people. I have also attended births at Corvallis as a doula and am a fan of their nurse-midwives (if you're looking for a CNM).
Well, this is about earlier in pregnancy, but it shows that there was no evidence to support bedrest:   http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD003576/bed-rest-during-pregnancy-for-preventing-miscarriage
This sounds like how I felt when I had my first out-of-hospital birth:  I didn't want to deal with the risks and procedures the hospital imposed that weren't necessary for my birth. The IV, the EFM, the no-eating or drinking (it was them "letting" you have ice chips back then), the medication side effects. 
 Another option is a CPM who has graduated from a MEAC-accredited program and attained her CPM that way, not the PEP process. 
This is easy to use:   http://www.walmart.com/ip/Omron-3-Series-Blood-Pressure-Monitor/15715279   Make sure your cuff is the right size. Larger mamas may get a false high reading if you're not using a large cuff.
DONA has a statement on it:   http://www.dona.org/pdfs/PracticeTopics/Statement_Unassisted%20Birth_0410.pdf
Welcome to Mothering!
Welcome to Mothering! We have lots of great forums here, including the pregnancy and birth forums. 
Welcome to Mothering!   Sadly, Mothering is all online now. The magazine, after many years of awesome printing, stopped publication.   We would love to have you stay and participate in our online forums. Be sure to check out Birth Professionals:   http://www.mothering.com/community/f/16938/birth-professionals
Welcome to Mothering!
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