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Tell us more about your businesses and your work schedule?
I've used the "Explode the Code" workbooks with most of my children, and with kids that I've tutored. I like them for teaching letters and letter sounds. There is also an online version now.   www.explodethecode.com
Here's one in Oregon in June: http://www.oceanetwork.org/calendar/conference/   Oregon in May: http://www.convention.ohen.org/index.html
Is this a free event?
Can you put a blanket on your floor for him to lay on when he comes into your room? That way he can be near you if he needs to at night without being in the bed and waking you up.   Does he have a nightlight in his room? It sounds like him having the big light on isn't working.
You mentioned moving to Canada but you're in a MEAC program? I didn't think you could practice as a CPM in Canada?
I'm not sure if you can still get in to watch the videos, but this coursera course about this has a lot of information (and it's free!):   https://class.coursera.org/childnutrition-002
I was going to suggest the Band-aid, but I see you came up with it.   Aside from that, not pointing it out to him too often. Don't draw attention to it if you can avoid it.
I would wait until my next cycle is actually due, so it'll be more accurate.
Have you taken a pregnancy test?
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