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I'm sorry the pill didn't work for you. From uptodate.com:   " Progestin only pills are as effective as combination pills when taken at the same time every day, but there is a slightly higher failure rate of the mini pill if the woman is more than three hours late in taking it. A back up method of birth control should be used for seven days if a pill is forgotten or taken more than three hours late."   "Although the failure rate is 0.1 percent when pills are taken...
I would recommend talking to your midwife about it.
The 20 week ultrasound is way too early to get worried/worked up about a partial previa. It's very likely that the placenta is going to move up and out of the way.
I have managed to get through it without prescription medication, but it took effort, making lifestyle changes, nutritional improvement, herbs, etc.   What state/area are you in? Maybe we can help you find local resources?   Do you have health insurance coverage? Maybe there are alternative providers you can see.
" (3) require midwives to document attempts to ascertain the lie of the baby before labor"   I don't know a midwife who doesn't do this. With every pregnancy, my midwife has palpated baby's position at each appointment in the last months.    Myself and the midwives in our area all do this at each appointment and it's a thing to fill out on the prenatal flow sheet. 
That's great!
 No, but she does essentially call for banning CPMs, which given the lack of CNMs and CMs doing home birth in most states, would effectively get rid of home birth options for mothers in many areas.
www.oregonmidwiferycouncil.org has midwife listings.
What state are you in? Are you somewhere that offers home charter school options? If you want something that's aligned with the public schools that you can do at home, something like Connections Academy or K12 might work well for you.
There's not really a protocol for doing a Hibiclens douche before the GBS test.   You can find more info about GBS testing and infection here:   http://www.aafp.org/afp/2011/0501/p1106.html   http://evidencebasedbirth.com/groupbstrep/   I highly recommend the second article.
New Posts  All Forums: