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How old is your ds? What other foods is he eating?
  Babies are not adults. Babies spent the first nine months of their life in a tight space and swaddling can be comforting for them. Try not to think of a baby as a grownup. They have different needs then we do.         That's why I'm leaning towards swaddling. A two week old is pretty much still a fetus and being swaddled can help them feel secure.    I'm sorry that you didn't have your needs met by your parents; please understand that what I'm recommending to the OP...
  Cultures all around the world swaddle/wrap their babies. When I swaddle ds, he smiles and gabbers, then nurses and falls asleep. It works for us.
Ok, time to do 10 minutes... spent 10 minutes decluttering the kitchen counter. It's not done, but it's better.
The first season is available for sale on DVD.
Have you written out a budget for yourself based on the new bills?
It sounds like you might be a good candidate for a VBAC. 
Is there a more supportive provider in your area? If your doctor is trying to scare you out of a VBAC, I would shop around.   The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth has an excellent chapter with research on VBAC.   Don't give up!
You will probably be labeled high-risk for coming in late to care. 
Why do you feel like she needed to carry malpractice insurance?
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