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Don't know anyone in that area, but I wanted to recommend posting in your regional Finding Your Tribe if you haven't already.
I'd love to hear an update with how baby is doing.
I know they're expensive, but if you're planning to go into midwifery, the books by Anne Frye are ones you'll want to own. I refer to diagnostic tests pretty often and HM Vol 1 has a ton of important information.
That lady is incorrect (obviously). Breast milk remains the right milk for your human toddler. Cow's milk cannot provide what human milk will.    It might not be a bad idea to supplement Vitamin D, especially if you live in an area where you don't get time in the sun every day. I give our kids Vitamin D gummies. It's not that cow's milk provides Vitamin D; it's that the cow's milk sold in stores has Vitamin D added.   I know that medical people are comforted by...
The Well-Adjusted Child is a great book about the social benefits of homeschooling: http://www.amazon.com/The-Well-Adjusted-Child-Benefits-Homeschooling/dp/1600651070   I'm a big fan of Home Education Magazine. You can find back issues on their website. They've had articles about what homeschooling offers families, ways to homeschool, info on homeschooling different subjects and more. http://homeedmag.com/ 
Have you tried swaddling her? I used it lots in the beginning with this baby to keep him happy and we still swaddle at night to help him sleep better.
We both work and our children are homeschooled, mostly by me and our babysitter. My dh is very involved with all of our children. He's also awesome about housework. He does about half the laundry, dishes when he's home, helps clean up.
I think it's important for women to birth where and with whom they feel the most comfortable. If Kaiser is where you feel comfortable, maybe they're the caregivers you should be seeing.
Susun Weed's book is a good resource:   http://www.amazon.com/Wise-Woman-Herbal-Childbearing-Year/dp/0961462000/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356068503&sr=1-1&keywords=herbal+for+the+childbearing+year
I'm an apprentice at Growing Family Birth Center in Lebanon. You're welcome to come for a consultation.    www.growingfamilybirthcenter.com 
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