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I haven't heard of a newborn with GBS in their bladder and I'm not sure how it could happen. I know that women sometimes have GBS in their urine, when it's a systemic infection. You may want to consider consulting with a pediatrician or neonatologist to try to get your medical questions answered.    My youngest was born in the caul and didn't have wet lungs. 
I would really recommend having a doula if you're wanting to have a relaxed birth in a hospital. I worked as a doula in Syracuse, NY before starting midwifery school. Much of what I did was helping parents navigate the hospital system and support them getting what they wanted.    Try www.doulamatch.net or ask in your local tribal forum.
One thing to consider is using a pH testing strip to test your vaginal pH. If your balance is off, you are at a higher risk for PROM. If your pH is what it should be, I would stop doing the rinses.   Here is an article about vaginal pH:   http://www.doctoroz.com/blog/lauren-streicher-md/when-your-vagina-phunk
If what you're eating is real food, I wouldn't track calorie intake. Don't let it stress you out. 
  I don't think so. Many adults don't either; I don't think it's reasonable to expect kids to eat a balanced diet when there aren't boundaries.   Same with TV, I think that, if allowed to self-regulate, many kids would watch TV for hours and hours. The kids we know whose TV/computer time isn't regulated pretty much spend their day in front of a screen.
Maybe he wasn't ready to let it go?
A benefit to testing for us is that there are academic programs that require test scores for admission. My 12yo ds is going to be doing a winter program at Oregon State University for gifted kids this year. We homeschool and I was able to use his standardized test scores from last year to get him in. It looks really cool. He's going to be able to take Lego Robotics, Engineering and Creative Computing.
I think there have been threads for moms who were EP'ing (exclusively pumping). You might want to search for those.
I would recommend calling your midwife and checking in with her.
Have you had your blood sugar checked at all with this pregnancy?
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