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I suspect the reason there is so much negativity is the same dull reason there is negativity regarding every topic: our species had not evolved past the point of putting others down to lift one's self up. There are obviously pros and cons to any situation and defending our choices plays into woman-shaming. I suggest we all work on affirming one another, and we will soon find our knee-jerk impulses to defend ourselves have vanished. Love, sisters. Love is the answer. I am a...
Great name, mama! Hollis was my other fave from our list this time, after ds was born and I could see that some just wouldn't fit. Love it.
Edelweiss, you are doing such great work. It's obvious you are doing everything possible to give these boys a good early start. Make concessions for yourself! Everyone here can see you deserve to give yourself whatever you need. Mothers in our culture are judged too often. We all are just doing the best we can. Hang in there, your boys will grow and your life will settle into an easy routine. Hugs, mama.
Gray, I would like to echo the others in saying that labor can come seemingly from nowhere. I had a mental breakdown at 10pm, after having waters broken for 8 hours, the start of feelings like cramps, then nothing for 2 hours. I felt like I was in a depression of sorts, that I'd again wake up pregnant and never, ever get to birth this baby. He was born at 2am, just 4 hours after that flip out. Hold on, everyday holds hundreds of moments that could consist of your first...
2 of my babies were jaundiced. Day 3 to about 7 or 8. Nursing and sun does the trick usually. It starts in the face, can go to trunk, thighs/shoulders then legs/arms. It leaves backwards, ending again with the face. For those of you concerned about pumping and/or supplementing, have you checked out eats on feets or human milk 4 human babies for free donated milk? They link you up with local mamas with extra milk. Pretty cool. everyone was all in a tizzy over Caspar's...
Yay, blue lotus. Congrats on the fast water birth. Hope you are resting and recovering well.
Cardigan, that is quite the story! Congrats on your chubby new son. Hope you have an easy recovery...you sure worked hard, mama! You deserve a nice, peaceful postpartum!
Mama 505, congrats on your vbac, that's amazing, after a transfer. Good for you! Both baby boy pictures are adorable, mama and emcol! Cardigan, its all you, girl. Can't wait to see your little one!
Julian and Thaddeus were runner ups for our newest son. Great names. Congrats emcol!! Banana Julian is beautiful.
Regarding in-laws and bf/cd/intact penis care: Just give them the rules.  I told my mother to clean the penis as if it were a finger.  No pulling, pushing etc.  Just wipe.  You can even have her skip wiping when the boys pee only.  Give a short tutorial on diapering with snappis I(they are easy!) then...if you are planning to use a bottle, let her do it if you want to, take a shower!!!  otherwise, nurse as you normally do.  If someone is uncomfortable, there are other...
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