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Wondering how the rest of our "waiting mamas" are doing today.
Wanted to quick update about my Caspar's poop situation: Meconium within minutes of birth, meconium day 2. Nothing day 3,4 or 5. Big transitional dark green sticky poop day 6. Small dark green slightly less sticky poop day 7. Nothing day 8 or 9. Have some homeopathic nux vomica 9am day 10. At 5 pm, large wet dark yellow/brown breastmilk poop. Today, day 11, nothing. Hr was born at 8#4, day 2 7#12, day 6 8#2, day 11 8#6 Pretty weird, but midwife, lactation consultant and...
Blue lotus and gray, thinking of you and your wait. Hope your last days of pregnancy are smooth. Lady, congrats on your son! I'm sorry your birth was a little stressful and that the ob was not as kind as she could be. Cardigan, thinking of you in hospital now, and sending positive soft, wide open thoughts to your cervix! C'mon baby!!!
good luck, cardigan and lady. not too long now... can't wait to see those babies!
A boy, banana. What a lovely surprise. Like others, my labor was like that too. Cool, then suddenly fast and furious/get this over with, wow!! Of course, usually that level of intensity means a quick birth, but that doesn't really help you moment to moment. But, you did it! Hooray! Enjoy your son.
Gray and emcol- You are within days of holding your babies. To echo what others have said: you don't have to feel something is "coming" to have it coming! Labor and birth are mysterious, and you know, I already miss my pregnant belly at8 days pp... Enjoy it, you have a short, short time left. Looking forward to hearing about your births!
[quote name="LeighPF" I am back in bed. I feel good, overdo it, bleed bright red after no bleeding on quiet days, and get cramps. Luckily in laws are here so they can cook and play with the bigs.[/quote] What I'm doing too. A day out of bed, acting like a regular person, then a day or two lying in.
Skycheat- I find that coconut oil mixed with really good refrigerated probiotics made into a paste and smeared on kills yeast for me. Edible too... Good luck! ea77- I'm feeling the same with my 3rd! Maybe you could dab some arnica oil after bathing? Not sure if there is a way to be fresh at this point!
Thinking of you Connie.
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