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so many new mamas! welcome, everyone!
Thanks, to the library I go.
Welcome NAABG12!  
Babysitters Club?  Yes, I laughed pretty hard :) I love this thread.  I'll have a 5yo DD and 2.5yo DS at my homebirth.  I think I'll get a kid kit for my son, and let my daughter take pictures.  Thanks for the suggestions! And for the throwback to my childhood reading habits!
Anyone have success with Hypnobabies/birthing?  I bellowed and was a little crazed during my first two births, and although things went FAST and smoothly (health-wise), I'd like to be more relaxed and present in the process this time.  What did you do to stay calm?  
Welcome aphel and amanda! Gotta love the dollar tree!  I always test early with those suckers. I also am feeling tentative, and will until I get heart tones in January.  But I allowed myself to talk to the baby this morning, and it felt good, even if we only have a little while together.
Thanks mamamash, I'm hungry!   So far, that's it.  Oh, and peeing a lot.  I think it's starting to sink in a little.  I talked to the baby for the first time today after my shower, and it hit me; me and this guy/gal are gonna be together for quite awhile!  No more showering alone :)
The thread December TWW gets a lot of traffic, I'd suggest you post there, or on any of the other existing TTC threads. Sometimes symptoms just after O can be from ovulation, but you are 4 days closer to finding out! Good luck!  There is so much support on this site.
Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer is a great book for planning a natural hospital birth.  I read it although I had planned homebirths.  And doulas; indispensable! I honestly think you women are the toughest cookies of them all, resisting medication/advocating for self despite unknown conditions and/or attendants while birthing!  Hearing stories of natural birth in hospitals always inspire me!  I'm very much looking forward to hearing about your...
 Cathy- The dreams?  ME!  That was actually my first clue that I was pregnant.  They've gotten even more vivid if that's possible.  But mine aren't nice, like a famous bf, they are more weird, like Hunter S. Thompson wrote them.
New Posts  All Forums: