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My turn at last! Baby boy "bluebird" was born at 2am today, the 19th. 5 days past his due date, exactly 12 hots after my waters released. I got some mild, crampy ctx at about 830pm,.they stayed slight, fizzled at 10pm, which sent me into a tailspin. I'd already called the mw... Then 1230 they picked up, got super close and strong. Developed a cervical lip, so had to do a whole bunch of ctx without pushing which was torture. Then I couldn't help it and just pushed. It was...
Waters leaking! No contractions but I'm over the moon that something is happening! Send me birth vibes, please!
Jane, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I personally know many women who have had perfectly healthy babies and easy labors at 42 weeks (and beyond). I think using the term "increased risk" is really inappropriate without following it up with statistics. An increase of 1% from a .001% .01% or .1% are all very different, and none make the chance very likely anyway. The best way to avoid birth trauma is to not get an epidural, remain upright as much as possible and...
Everything fizzled for me. Feeling very discouraged. Happy for you mamas getting some action, but quite envious as well! Hope you get to meet your babies today!
Having some real (not bh painless) ctx. Still not regular. How can this keep not turning into labor?! I feel like I'll have a30 min labor once it does start. Glad for Homebirth plans, but mw is at least 30 min away, and dh work is at least 45 min. I have never had prodromal like this, it's crazy. It's crazy-making.
Connie, I'm a midwife assistant/student, having my 3rd.  I know that the 3rd especially throws women for a loop (but somehow expected that wouldn't be me!) I am also 3 days over and feeling so fed up.  I've been having prodromal-ish stuff since the end of July, and it is really wearing on me now.  I've been 4-5cm since Aug 5th, and am now 6cm and like a bowl full of mush in there.  Get out of my body, dear child, dear child. Can't believe you are back on call Sept....
Leigh, hooray!  Welcome little one.  Sounds like a fast labor, chubby girl!  Way to go mama!
so happy for you, jillgayle! My dh name is Jason, so I am a fan of your choice Glad your wait is over.
I am losing my cool at 40+ 2, i can't imagine 41+4! You are amazing. I'm really hoping you get to birth with the attendant you want.
Jill, thanks. Been doing my share of crying too. It seems I've got allergies or a cold. Headache, My nose is runny, the drip is giving me a sore throat and I'm sneezy. At least I can say I'm not peeing my pants when I do... Mw came to visit, since I'm a mess. My cervix is 6cm and no mucus came out with or after the exam. Totally sporadic ctx, mostly painless. I'm so frustrated, but don't want to do anything to push it, because I an so curious to see how this labor will...
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