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Congrats, Katy I'd love to read a full version of your birth story, if/when you're ready to share! Enjoy Liliana.
This is how I feel in the mornings. Still pregnant, SIGH!I'm officially overdue today. It's gotta be soon, for us both.
Due tomorrow.  4-5cm for 8 days, my cervix feels like mush, my waters are bulging, WTF?  ugh, waiting is tough.   I feel like if I go into labor, then come on here to post that, I'll have the baby while I'm typing.  I mean, how can I NOT be in labor right now?  Baby is just hanging out, clinging to an edge of pudding cervix.  I asked my midwife if she thought that CVS sold amni-hooks :) haha!
Welcome to the world, babies Songbird and Harmie. So glad you both got the births you wanted. Trying not to feel too jealous right now ;)
Oh, Yoma. She is gorgeous. She looks so wise. Maybe she'll be a midwife Sorry to hear about the bleeding. It's so great you listened to your intuition and transferred. That's what the hospital is there for. Enjoy that chubby girl!
YAY! Aim4balance. She is adorable, so worth waiting for, I'm sure (now that it's over, it's easy to say!) It's true that prodromal labor is REAL work, just ahead of the emergence.  It's tough to go through, but all contractions bring us closer to baby.  I'm so happy for you! Enjoy that bundle of love.
katydid...ugh.  Bad timing, tooth.  I'm sorry. Crunchy... backache and menstrual-like cramps are a great sign. Leigh, cardigan, jillgayle...the sun is lowering in the eastern US sky, another day closer!   I am 39w5d today and scheduled a prenatal massage for my due date (but have the option to change it to a postpartum in-home massage if needed, fingers crossed).  Today marks one week at 4-5cm and close to fully effaced.  Just waiting on baby to be ready too, I...
^ this.
Dang, this ddc makes birthing on time seem late.
Lucia is beautiful, in name and face. Congrats on a quick birth and a 3rd daughter. My family had 3 girls, of which I'm the oldest, and i love it!
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