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hooray, Paula! congratulations!
EA77- so feeling your emotional pain tonight. My father had a heart attack today, and while he was given speedy treatment and expected to fully recover, this is his 2nd in about 5 years, and it reminds me that he's aging and how much I really want him to be around for my kids. peace to you and your family!
woke up with you on my mind, somegirl. hope your night was eventful in a lovely way!
songbird: I have heard that losing a pound or two is an early labor indicator. My story is similar, due 2wks from today but mw thinks it will be sooner. let's go babies!
ea77 I completely feel you about the emotional roller coaster. I couldn't have said it better. My midwife says the emotions indicate lymph movement according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and let her know pre labor is happening in my body. Hang in there, you are not alone.
38 weeks and gave myself a VE.  I am about 4cm, cervix is about 1-1.5cm long (50, 75%?), midline and very very soft.  My baby feels low, but not engaged.  So basically...this tells me nothing!  Coould have another 15 days (like, to my due date) or have a baby tonight.  Sigh.  I am feeling so much pressure in my pelvis and haven't gained weight in a couple weeks, baby's butt is down in my belly, like a few inches over my belly button.  I have a sore back and have been so...
HAHA crafty, your husband's reaction just caused a laugh that almost broke MY water!  I love how we all await our birth stories, then we have them, and how infrequently they resemble our imaginings. So happy for you that you can tell yours...and at term, not postdates! Hooray!
I just now found this thread?! Congrats, Heather, Autumn, Stormi, Skycheat, Crafty! (and Edelweiss)   Hooray for new babies! Count is up to 8 :) They are all so beautiful.  (and on the big side!)
here comes baby girl McGluestick!
coffee, mama: you look beautiful!
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