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congrats, Carmen! What a chubby, healthy baby :) enjoy your snuggles!!!
welcome twin boys! your mama is one tough cookie, and she loves the two of you so much. edelweiss, I'm so glad you nursed your sons, and it sounds like they are healthy! what were their weights? congrats!!!
oh, I'm sorry, edelweiss. I know this isn't ideal (or what you were hoping for) but I have seen babies at this gestation do fantastically. Good luck today. Healthy, chubby baby vibes heading your way!
ladykelacy- I could have written that post myself! You're due the day before me, and my family and I have the same history. I've never really noticed this much prelabor activity in my first 2 births. The midwives always say the 3rd is the one that throws you for a loop... hang in there, this has been challenging for me. my due date was changed to the 14th, if anyone is still operating our list
starting out that dilated is great for producing a fast labor, ladies! I went from 5-6 to baby in 90 min can't wait to see those cuties in photos soon. I've had about 6 real ctx today, and am just exhausted thinking of doing this every day for 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes I rub my belly and get sad that it's going away so soon. such conflicting emotions. motherhood is always a challenge!
hang in there, edelweiss! without ctx, usually even a very dilated cervix can keep the pregnancy going for another week or two, even with daily activity (walking, orgasms etc) Not the greatest news for ladies who want to have their babies like, yesterday! But for you and those boys, I'm hoping they stay put for you until 37+ Keep your feet up, lady! Thinking of you lots.
good morning August due daters! did the night bring on any good contractions for anyone? I've always woken up in labor, or at least knowing labor was coming within hours, maybe someone else experiences that, too. sheltie- I think youlook way more pregnant than 3 months. The public is full of opinions! How far behind are you measuring? crafty, skycheat- my husband told me last night that I should enjoy the last days of pregnancy, looking back, I'll miss it. Of course my...
I took a cotyledon from my last baby's placenta off with scissors and swallowed it whole.  I had major uterine cramps for a few days, but very little blood loss and tons of energy.  My milk came in faster that baby too.  Of course, this is just my anecdotal experience of it.  I like to tell people about it when they get grossed out by birthy stuff.
GIS, you have inspired me to get a move on and get some photos that don't include my bathroom counter and my cell phone!  I love  your photo, you look amazing.
I am only 36 weeks, but have been feeling major pressure on my cervix and lots of warm up contractions that get painful at times.  The baby's shoulders are resting on my pelvis.  I feel closer than 4 weeks away, but I know that's just how it goes sometimes...  This is a fun thread! Thanks for starting it.
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