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Hi, everyone. I can go ahead and start a thread for May, but I don't know how much I'll be around to update it in coming weeks. If someone else would like to take it over for now, that would be fine. It's ok with me either way.   I'll be having surgery sometime in the next few weeks to remove my left ovary and the grapefruit-sized mass that is growing on it. Statistically, it is not likely that it is malignant, but it's impossible to know for sure at this point....
    Today I had both transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds. Three minutes into the exam the ultrasound the tech went to get an MD. They didn't say much, but they did tell me that there's something on my left ovary and it's pushing things out of their normal position. The doctor is going to do a more thorough review of the images and then meet with me on Wednesday afternoon.
      When I've had a yeast infection, it dramatically affects my mucus.
I'm curious about this as well. I'm scheduled for a diagnostic ultrasound on Monday, and I've been instructed to drink 64 oz of water an hour beforehand.  
Thanks for the hug, Organicviolin. My pap smear was normal, and I tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea (would have been really surprised if either of those had been positive). I'm scheduled for a pelvic ultrasound on Monday.
I'm checking in for the month. I'm on cd 18 with lots of eggwhite cm.   I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner at my university's women's clinic on Thursday, I mentioned that I've started having bleeding after intercourse, and she said that could be a sign of an STD infection or cervical cancer and that they will probably schedule a colposcopy once they get my test results back. I've been bad and haven't had a pelvic exam and pap smear since 2008 so now I'm...
Seatbelts and booster seats that make use of them are designed to protect people who are sitting properly in their seats to allow optimal belt fit. Younger children tend to be more likely to be wiggly or fall asleep and lean out of proper position. A five point harness can keep a child secured in the correct position.
TCOYF has some I like. They have options for CTA or TTC, in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and for normal temperature ranges or lower than average temperatures, and I think the chart is well laid out for ease of use. NFP and More also has a chart that's neutral when it comes to CTA or TTC.  
buterflymomma, I am so sorry. Hugs.
   April 2012    Welcome to the April 2012 charting to avoid and fertility awareness thread. We are all at different stages in family planning and our own fertility. Some of us are very ardently Charting to Avoid (CTA); some are CTA but would be thrilled with a BFP; and we even have a few who are "whatevering" or pregnant and continue to hang out here.   If you did not post last month, you may have been deleted from the list. If you have joined...
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