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Welcome to all the new members! Sorry I didn't get everyone added to the list immediately; I've been sick and thus not online for a week.
Lionessmom, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!
  Very cool, LionessMom.     I'm just checking in... I'm on cd5. I started taking 50mg of B6 each day starting fairly late in my last cycle to see if it will have an effect on my luteal phase, and, it may just be coincidence, but this has been my least painful period in years. It's definitely worth taking it every day for a few cycles to see if it continues to help.   Last cycle the drying up of my mucus didn't seem to match the timing of my temperature shift as well as...
Hugs and hopeful thoughts to Butterflymomma.
Congratulations, FaithHopeLove29!   Welcome, nattery. If you decide to chart online, send me a message so I can link to your chart on the first post.
For what it's worth, I've heard that the +/- tests and tests with blue dye are somewhat more prone to false positives and/or seeing a line that isn't really there than tests that have two separate pink lines. It's probably worth getting another brand of test and testing again in a week, when her hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels will be even higher if she is indeed pregnant.
   October 2011     Welcome to the October 2011 charting to avoid and fertility awareness thread. We are all at different stages in family planning and our own fertility. Some of us are very ardently Charting to Avoid (CTA); some are CTA but would be thrilled with a BFP; and we even have a few who are "whatevering" or pregnant and continue to hang out here.   If you did not post in September, you may have been deleted from the list. If you have joined recently,...
  JuliMummy, glad you are finding joy in the new addition to your family. Out of curiosity, did you observe any cervical mucus on cycle day 10?
  I'd make sure those three high temps are also confirmed by drying up of your cervical mucous as well.  The idea behind using temperature in charting is that temperatures tend to go up following ovulation, but there's a risk that illness or environmental conditions could lead to high temperatures, leading you to think you've already ovulated and are safe when actually you aren't. Checking other signs such as cervical mucous and/or cervical position, openness, and texture...
Congratulations, librarygirl! I hope you enjoy planning your wedding. (Personally, I'd as soon go to the courthouse with just parents, siblings, and perhaps a friend or two, but I'm engaged to what may be the only man on the planet who is adamant about having a wedding. Thus, he gets to plan it.)    
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