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Congrats, Buterflymomma!
LionessMom, if it reassures you at all, I've been using condoms for over five years and have never had one break. I know it can happen, but it really is pretty rare, especially if you use additional lubricant. You can also get spermicide to use as a back-up on the off chance that one does break.      
The September thread is up and running. All of the wiki links seem to be working in Firefox, but if anyone has trouble, please let me know. The culling of the list to get rid of inactive folks may have to wait until after I finish the problem set for my mathematical physics course that's due tomorrow evening.   Welcome, clavicula!
   September 2011     Welcome to the September 2011 charting to avoid and fertility awareness thread. We are all at different stages in family planning and our own fertility. Some of us are very ardently Charting to Avoid (CTA); some are CTA but would be thrilled with a BFP; and we even have a few who are "whatevering" or pregnant and continue to hang out here.   If you did not post in August, you may have been deleted from the list. If you have joined recently,...
I finally got a small increase in temperature this morning and I've had a couple of days of drying up so I'm very much hoping that the next couple of days will confirm O.   Also, if you haven't posted in July or August but are still around and want to remain on the list, please speak up today!
I know it's possible to get fitted for a diaphragm at the health center at my university so diaphragms are definitely still available in the U.S. Some, but not all, Planned Parenthoods fit them as well.    
Quote: My temps tend not to fall until a few days after AF starts. I wouldn't worry too much about high or erratic temps during the first few days of a new cycle.   I'm definitely doing this as well. There's not a lot to report on my cycle right now: I thought I'd be gearing up for ovulation around now, but my body seems to have (rightly) interpreted the start of classes as the sort of stressful event that would make this a bad time to get pregnant so I'm seeing less...
I definitely trimmed my stem so that it was short enough to all stay inside. It was pretty irritating when it could occasionally stick out.
I'd recommend looking up different folding techniques on youtube as a first step; I know when I got my DivaCup it took some experimenting to determine what folds worked well for getting it in. It also took a cycle or two to get enough practice that getting it in felt natural. My cup rarely truly leaks if I'm emptying it often enough, but on the heavier days of my period there can still be a little fluid that drips out as a result of what flowed out of my cervix while...
If you haven't charted before, I strongly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, whatever app may you end up using. It's simple, readable, but also full of helpful details like actual photographs of different types of cervical mucus that help make getting started less confusing. Lots of public libraries have it so you may be able to read it for free. It teaches the sympto-thermal method, which means you'll need a basal thermometer, but you can get a good one...
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