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Welcome,. ThreeLittleBirds. If you get an online chart on Fertility Friend or TCOYF and want it posted to the start of the thread so everyone can check it out when you have questions, just send me a PM with a link.  
I got a Femcap a couple of months ago. Overall, I like it. It is occasionally noticeable to me during intercourse, but it isn't uncomfortable at all. It did take a while to get good at inserting it.   At this point, I'm using it with spermicidal gel as a back-up for condoms. I'm hoping that eventually I'll feel comfortable enough with charting to use just the Femcap during the safer phases of my cycle, but I don't think I trust it enough to use it as my only method...
If you go to the data entry form for your chart, there's a section marked "custom" where you can create check boxes for anything you want. I created boxes for condoms, cervical cap, spermicide, etc. If you aren't a VIP member, the custom data won't show up on your chart, but it will be logged so you can see it by going back to the data entry form for a given day.  
Alas, your chance of getting pregnant during a year of perfect condom use is only 2%. That's great news for everyone happily relying on them for birth control, not so great if you're hoping for an oops.
My favorite condoms are Durex Avanti Bare, which are made of polyisoprene, a stretchy synthetic that's less allergenic than latex. Lifestyles Skyn are also polyisoprene, but I didn't like their lubrication and my partner complained about a lack of sensitivity.   Are you using a separate spermicide or just spermicidally lubricated condoms? I read in Consumer Reports several years ago that spermicidal condoms don't have enough spermicide to make much of a difference if a...
Thanks, JMJ, Librarygirl, and Jodi5.
It's really too soon to tell. Some women are noticeably affected by ambient temperature/blankets, and others are not. I'd make a note of it so you can start to figure out what's normal for you.   By the way, the Charting to Avoid/Fertility Awareness thread is probably the best place to post your charting questions. I've asked lots of things over the past couple of cycles, and it's an extremely helpful community.
I'm so glad you got the outcome you were hoping for.
Since the time when you temp can affect your temperatures and you aren't yet sure what's going on this cycle, I'd suggest sticking with your 5 a.m. temps until your next cycle starts. Then you can try switching.
Welcome Buterflymomma and OvaOva!   I'm on CD 1, and I'm wondering when, if at all, the more experienced charters would have considered me safe last cycle. It looks to me like I'd have to either shave CD 15 0.1 degrees or consider the rules for a possible slow rise pattern, complicated by the missing temp from when I stayed up all night packing and cleaning. Thoughts?
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