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Good point, Storm Bride!  I hadn't even thought of it from that angle.  The baby was born in early January; do you think she'd be comfortable with a 2 hour car trip?    
DH and I have a small cottage out on Long Island where we like to spend weekends in the summer.  I was thinking of opening it up early (it has heat and stuff :) ) and asking my friend if she and the baby would like to join Leda and me for a few days.  Maybe being able to walk on the beach or read or sleep without feeling judged would be helpful for her.  Or at least a start?
Wow, I had no idea there were people this vapid outside of the movies!   OP, what was your sister like when she was a teen?  Was she popular?  Did she strive and fail to be popular?  I wonder if she is trying to relive her teen years through her daughters.
October, I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you.  I just wanted to tell you that the little one in your avatar picture is just about the cutest baby I have ever seen!
I have to admit that right after I got a positive pregnancy test I ran out and traded my little boxter for a Volvo SUV.  LOL, it just made the whole "oh geez, I'm gonna be a mom" thing more real to me.   I mean, nothing says "mom car" like a Volvo :)
I agree with P.J.  It would take only one complaint from another patron (and believe me, it will come) and you could lose your membership for breach of contract.  I recommend getting childcare (maybe there's another mom at the gym you could trade off with?) and using your gym time as "me" time.   Or, perhaps you could buy an elliptical and exercise at home?
I have a part-time nanny who provides childcare.  She puts the dishes in the dishwasher after feeding Leda and puts the toys in the playroom away.  I have a part-time housekeeper who cleans the house and takes care of laundry.  To me, that makes perfect sense.    Look at it this way.  Before I was a SAHM, I worked as an attorney.  I did, well,  attorney things.  I didn't answer the phones or clean my office or  hand messenger documents.  Why?  Simple:  I am an...
I have a small update but, unfortunately, it is not a good thing.   I was running in the park Sunday and I ran into my friend's husband.  I don't know him as well as I do her, but nonetheless always thought he was a nice guy.  While we were stretching afterward, I decided to bring up my friend's unhappiness to gauge what he knew and see if he had any insights.  Here is the verbatim conversation (or as closely as I can recollect, anyway):   Me:  "(BFF) has seemed...
Mamas, thank you so much for being willing to open up and share what sound like terribly experiences with me.  I was almost brought to tears while reading your posts not only because I could feel the pain, frustration and feeling of helplessness you described but also because I was so touched that you were willing to bare yourselves to help a woman you've never met.    
Hello Mamas,   Not sure how to start out this post so I guess I'll just jump in.  I've read about many of your experiences with c sections and the sadness, depression and, in some cases, PTSD that manifested itself afterward.   A close friend had an emergency c section and is distraught afterward.  She will not go into detail when I try to talk to her; just says that the birth experience was terrible and she wants to forget it.  I'll never forget her MIL...
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