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My husband works anywhere from 60 to 80 hours a week, so count me in as a SAHM who spends a lot of time with just the baby.   Know what I say to that, ladies?  Reap the benefits of all that work!  Hire a babysitter and enjoy some "me" time, go shopping or out to dinner with your girlfriends, spend a day at the spa or work on a project that interests you.  Our husbands realize that we get lonely and bored being by outselves for so long so we may as well do something...
Oh good!  Now I don't have to feel guilty about all the money I give to Nordstrom! lol    
This sounds fun; like a slumber party every night! :)    
 I love the name Edith; it's such a shame that it's so rarely used.  I always picture an elegant woman in a lovely gown decending a staircase when I think of that name.
Our daughter is Leda Maia Ariadne.  Is it pretty obvious that I was a Classics major in college?
 Couldn't have said it better my self!
His attitude makes me so angry; especially with him hovering over you like that.   We haven't flown commercial since Leda was born but I remember sitting next to a breastfeeding mother on an AA flight three years ago or so and the FA was actually very solicitous toward the woman; asked her if she needed an extra pillow.
Congratulations of the birth of your wonderful Micah!  Isn't it amazing how you woke up that morning thinking, "la de dah, just another Saturday" and you went to sleep that night as a mother of two?  Thank you for sharing you story!
Are you near a Sephora?  They carry a line of hair products for women of color called "Carol's Daughter".  One of my girlfriends uses it and she claims she'd give up food and drink before she'd give up her Hair Milk Curl Enhancer (I think that's what it's called).
I'm so upset right now my hands are shaking but I have to post this because I feel so ashamed and guilty and I need get it on screen so I can get it out of my head.   DD and I are visiting my family and I decided to take Leda to the play area at the local mall.  While she was running around and playing with other toddlers, I saw a woman openly breastfeeding her infant.  The baby was pretty active so the cloth she had in place kept sllipping and she eventually left it...
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