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I think you are completely, absolutely right!  Honestly, one of the things I love about this board is that there is a helpful culture instead of a competitive culture here.  
I absolutely do this!  I have a cleaning lady once a week and a woman who comes in twice a week to help out with DD for a couple of hours so I can get errands done or  grab a coffee with a girlfriend.  I feel fortunate to be able to do this, so I take full advantage!   Don't feel guilty, Dalia.  Everyone's life has good and bad things in it and this just happens to be a good thing!
I was bf'ing DD while we were at a holiday party at DH's friend's house.  Random guy who I had never seen before stopped, looked me up and down and said, "Mmmm, looking good.  Can I have some?" 
Hi, Beebalmmama, I wish she WERE snuggling him and trying to help him sleep but unfortunately, she is very much on board with the CIO school of thought.   She asked me this morning if they kept me up last night and I said they didn't.  Maybe I shouldn't have lied but I don't know WHAT I should say.  It's not so much that I care about being kept up as I feel so bad for her baby!
My best girlfriend from law school and her 6 month old son are visiting us.  I absolutely adore my girlfriend and her adorable baby but one thing is driving me crazy.    She employs the CIO method to get him to sleep.  They are staying together in one of the guest bedrooms which is right next to the room where I/DH/DD sleep.  It is so hard to listen to the poor little guy cry and cry and cry...  Last night I looked at the clock at one point and realized he had been...
I swear that if women thought as highly of mens' penises as men seem to, nobody would ever leave the house!
Sounds like babydaddy and his ex are both peaches      I don't have any advice to offer except to agree with whomever upthread said the best thing would be for you to run, quickly, from this guy.  
I would not want to miss this fabulous opportunity if I were you!  And I think that your DD will be old enough to handle the experience by the time next year rolls around.   I'm not sure if it is your husband's company that is paying your way or not but, if not, allow me to suggest a much easier way to travel than commercial airlines.  There is a company called NetJets that we belong to and you basically buy a small "share" in it that allows you access to a private...
New Posts  All Forums: